Day 6 and counting

I’m still completely numb on my  bottom lip and all of my chin, and am still VERY swollen in those areas.  This means I can’t smile  normally, speak normally, eat normally, and I have a never-ending tingling sensation (think when your foot falls asleep) going on that is incredibly painful after 6 straight days.  I’m really getting down about  it, and yesterday the doctor basically just told me it’s too soon to tell if the numbness will be a permanent result of nerve damage during the surgery.  He told me they had an incredibly difficult time getting my teeth out.  I am starting  to really regret getting the surgery, especially given that my wisdom teeth weren’t giving me any problems and it was essentially “elective” based on my dentists’ recommendation.  I know they could have caused problems in the future, but now it just doesn’t seem worth it.   Continued prayers are much needed and appreciated…

I made it!

Hello everyone! So, the surgery went great. On Thursday night I went to have a mani/pedi so in case I didn’t make it through the surgery I would have cute hands and toes!! Yes, I literally thought I might die leading up to this procedure.  Fortunately it wasn’t necessary, but right before the IV was put in the dental assistant said I had the most beautiful nail polish! Haha.

I then asked her to show me the crash cart and she asked if I was a nurse. I thought that was funny. However it did take four tries by the actual nurse to get the IV in. I think I could have done better than that, nurse or not. But I really don’t remember much after that except thinking “this anesthesia is never going to kick in…” and then I was out.

I never even saw my doctor at all. I woke up startled and not knowing where I was so I just asked “Where’s Dustin?” and when the nurse replied that he couldn’t come in until I was in the recovery room, I started bawling! The tears just streamed thinking he couldn’t come in and help me. After what seemed like forever, they walked me into the recovery room and I got to see my Tar Heel. My clarity came back immediately. I could barely open my mouth so I signaled for my phone and started typing feverishly. I dreamt my BP was elevated, so I asked them to take it again. It was 113/53, so fine. I also typed out to the nurses asking if there were any nerve damage/sutures. They said no problems with my facial nerve and sutures on my bottom two removals. So I was satisfied and by that time they were kicking us out.

The pain didnt really set in until I got back home and I would really say it was more discomfort. I ended up falling right to sleep. Three hours later the pain REALLY hit right as my DDS was calling to check on me. He let me take iburofen for the breakthrough pain and I was good!  I took another great nap and woke up 2 hours past my time to take another vicodin with no pain.

Now I’m settling back down for more rest and reflecting on how lucky I am to be surrounded by loved ones during times of physical and emotional hardship. I’ve been waited on hand and foot and told I am loved more times than I can count. I said a lot of prayers for my surgery today but the last one I remember saying before drifting to sleep was asking the Lord to stay with me and I’ve never been more sure of his presence than today!  Just yesterday on my way home from work I turned to the Message station and the line that came on was “God’s got His hand on you so don’t live life in fear” from this song. I knew it was meant for me! The Lord never left me, and will never leave me ever.  The Lord is good, all the time.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure… You can clearly see my sweet Tar Heel hard at work in one of them. :) hehe.