One of my favorite cities quickly became my most favorite place in the world after my sweet Tar Heel asked me to marry him there in the most perfect and loving way.  It was so reflective of his love for me and our love for each other, and I could not have asked for anything better.  

I am still in the process of working on a post (most likely several) describing the proposal and the weekend, but it is so hard to find words to describe how it all felt.  Everything seems to fall short!  But I want to document this event for us and our future children (yay!) so it is in the works.

But first, a little preview.  In true Tar Heel fashion, a photographer was hired to take pictures of the entire proposal.  The proposal was a complete surprise to me.  Even though we have talked about knowing we were “the one” for each other since the beginning, I had no idea our engagement would happen this weekend, and knew nothing about the photographer and other details.  Here are a few shots to hold you over until I can finish my posts. :)

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  1. Dustin has always been very special to me and I always knew he had a “huge” heart..but I never knew he was such a romantic!! He did such a good job planning this wkend for you two and I just knew it would be perfect! SO happy for you both – love you!!

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