Don’t Stop Believing

Hey yall!

I wanted to start this post with a quick shout out to my new readers; Welcome to the blog!  I have been so excited and humbled by reading your comments on Facebook about the wedding posts and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!  I honestly started this blog as a little journal for myself to never forget the little things and at the end of the year, I print my posts.  I am so bad at scrapbooking, so this is my “scrapbook”.  I am so glad there are people out there who enjoy reading this considering how very much I enjoy writing it!  Anywho, Thanks for stopping by!  And to Mama Kay and Aunt Brenda, thanks for passing along the links!  :)

I am still working on our Reception post, and don’t want to leave you guys hanging so here’s a quick little clip of audio from our wedding reception as a preview.

Our wedding Party People (the people who brought the party to our wedding – every wedding has them but ours were the best!) had some fun with the DJ while singing one of my absolute favorite songs of all time, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.  Let me TELL YOU how much I felt like I was back in college when this song came on at our reception!!!  Best.Song.Ever!  It was incredible. I loved having all my girls around for this!!

So, click here for the clip.

I’ll return to posting the ending to our amazing wedding after my certification test on Tuesday!  (more on that later)  Thanks for checking back — some of my favorite pictures are still to come!

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