Easter 2010

My weekend in a brief equation.

Amazing worship services at The Bridge and WC’s The Cross and The Crown drama


Yummy turkey with all the sides lunch at my parent’s house with the Tar Heel, Bobo, SIL and Baby Dane


Yummy fish fry at the Tar Heel’s Mema and Papa’s house with his sweet family


An Easter egg hunt!!


Meeting my best friend Spinner at Sonic for a chocolate milkshake and life chat


A hilarious new video


Wrapping up three glorious days with porch swinging while watching the sun set with my love


One fun weekend!

I am sad it is over and exhausted (and probably 5lbs heavier!) but it was all worth it.  Let the warm weather, flip flops and sundress season commence! I Loooove the Springtime :)

Images from here, here, here, here, here and here.

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