Every single spring…

…when I was a little girl, my family would take a vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. 

It is a magical place for me as a result.  I vividly remember running around in Battery Park and standing in awe of the beautiful white gazebo there. I imagined myself as a bride under that gazebo, living out my very own fairy tale.  I adored Rainbow Row and had my own “favorite” pink house that I convinced myself I would definitely own one day.  I loved seeing the carriage ride horses and every year we went on one.  We heard the same stories about the same places, but it was always as though we were hearing them for the first time.   I remember playing in the Pineapple Fountain as a very young girl. I remember getting dressed up to eat a delicious dinner at Magnolia’s, and pretending I was a grown up. That was one of my favorite parts!

This annual visit to Charleston became a rare instance once my brother and I became too “cool” to go anywhere with our parents. So they started taking the trip alone.  Finally, last spring, I decided I couldn’t stand being  in my one bedroom apartment alone anymore so I called  my parents and asked them to take me back to that place.  It’s funny that when you go back to a place where you haven’t been in a while, it still stays the same despite how much you have changed.  I was no longer a little girl–I was the grown up I had once pretended to be.  It was a wonderful trip, and my then-aching heart was filled with anticipation and hope for a new beginning.  I owe you big, Charleston.   

Now it is Springtime again and my heart and thoughts are continually drifting back to that beautiful place.  This time I can’t wait to go back with confirmation that my life is going just as I pictured it as a little girl, beautiful and happy always–just like a fairy tale!

3 thoughts on “Every single spring…”

  1. LOVED your Charleston blog….gave me chills and “watery” eyes…I love Charleston as well and felt every emotion you were feeling as I read it. Good stuff!!

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