Feels like the very first time

The Tar Heel and I have some of the best times together when we decide to make last minute plans that are completely random and spontaneous. Last night was no exception when we were offered two tickets to see Kansas, Foreigner and Styx in concert. His mom, KSG and Timbo Slice couldn’t make it after buying tickets together with his Aunt Brenda Leigh (we have the same middle name!) and his Uncle Jerry.  So we decided we would go since we both love concerts, regardless of who is playing.  The Tar Heel only knew “Lady” by Styx, and I had no idea what any of them played.  But it turns out that once the chorus came on, I had heard several of the songs before! :)  haha.  A few examples: “I want to know what love is“, “Come Sail Away” and “Feels like the first time“.

It ended up being a GREAT time and we danced and sang along (to the chorus of a few songs, that is) and just had fun together and with his Aunt Brenda and Uncle Jerry.  The Tar Heel and I drank a bottle of wine (well, it was mostly me that drank the bottle of wine I guess. He was driving. I couldn’t let the whole bottle go to waste.) and all in all it was a fabulous night.  Also, I caught a guitar pick for the first time! I have literally been to probably 40 or so concerts in my lifetime and never once have I ever caught a dang guitar pick.  I wonder how much it’ll go for on eBay? :)

Now I’m off to work and on the way I plan to listen to my new playlist that may or may not include Hot Blooded… he he he.

OMGosh he has a cow bell people!!!!

A confetti finish during Renegade!

3 thoughts on “Feels like the very first time”

  1. Such a fun night!! I really didn’t feel like going that day – busy @ work, etc….but SO glad I went!! FUN times and brought back so many memories!! They just don’t make music like that anymore!! And a plus is getting to share the fun with such a sweet couple that I just LOVE!! :)

  2. I’m so glad yall went too!! I am happy we got to see you both! I wish KSG and Timbo were able to go, but hopefully soon all of us can make it to a fun concert!
    PS-Can you send me the pic of the Tar Heel and I that you took? He vetoed the ones I have of us saying they weren’t good enough for the blog. Hopefully yours will be worthy! Hehe :)

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