Five Months

PicMonkey Collage 1On January 25th, Miss Mary Mac turned five months old!  Here’s a look back at her fourth month journey as the newest Gurley girl…

Shortly after Christmas, while we were still enjoying the new toys but settling back into a more normal routine, our sweet and precious girl decided to throw us a curve ball.  Just a couple days before a big ice/snow storm was scheduled to hit eastern NC, our little Mary Mac started having the sniffles.  The sniffles turned into a junky sounding cough, congestion, and yep…RSV.  Her symptoms were the worst the day the ice storm hit. We live an hour away from the closest Pediatric ED and so when she started showing the least bit of difficulty  breathing, we hit the road.  We couldn’t bear to think of what would happen if we had waited.  People constantly approach me for advice on their children’s illnesses or assume that I know how to treat my own children.  First, I don’t work with kids at all – so I am probably  the last person you’d want medical advice from for your children.  Second, all that training and experience can go out the window when it comes to treating your own family.  Which is exactly why medical boards don’t allow it. Sure, I can use some of my medical knowledge to support my decision to go to the Peds office vs ED vs staying home.  But most of the time, it boils down to good ol’ “mother’s intuition” — something every mom innately has and requires no medical training whatsoever! Momma really does know best.

Fortunately, MM’s first hospital ER experience was a smooth one.  She got some great suction, rest, and tylenol for her fever that was ever climbing and we were finally sent home with instructions for supportive care.  She really didn’t start acting like herself again until 4 or 5 days after the ED trip.  But I am thankful that is over.  And even more thankful our four-month-old was able to handle that virus like a champ, despite the loss of appetite and disrupted sleep. Not many four-month-olds can handle it without hospitalization, especially this RSV season. I am grateful to be able to give her little body plenty of breastmilk to help build her immune defense.  Emmy Mae never had RSV or even so much as a cold when she was an infant.  She didn’t have her first ear infection until 18 months.  But, things are certainly different when you’re an infant with a big sibling that’s a toddler in daycare. Poor Mary Mac! Thankfully she is on the mend…

Aside from the sickness we had to overcome this month, Miss Mary Mac also managed to overcome some developmental milestones!  She finally rolled over from back to front!  She figured out how to roll from front to back a couple weeks before 4 months. She struggled a bit, but finally made it!  She also started reaching and grabbing for toys and has found her TOES!  She is the cutest, sweetest little cuddle bug.  She also sat in the high chair for the first time while we all sat and ate dinner together! :)

We brought in the new year with Miss MM in Wilmington with her Aunt JoJo and Uncle Drake! Her big sister opted to stay with MeMa and Papa.  We ended up doing the “Polar plunge” and Mary Mac loved watching her mommy and daddy run out into the (not so) freezing water on New Years Day!

Mary Mac did get to experience something pretty neat this month.  She went  to her first event at the Dean Dome!  I’m not a Tarheel fan, but my better half, aka “the Tarheel” obviously is a fan. He jumped at the chance to take photos of the JV UNC basketball team and so we loaded up our littlest Tar Heel and headed to Chapel Hill for the evening.  She may end up loving Carolina just like Emmy and their Daddy, but I can still hold out hope she ends up at NCSU like me.  At least she is the cutest little Tar Heel you ever did see! ;)

Weight: ~17.5lbs

Length: ~25 inches

Likes: Walking around with mommy in the Baby Bjorn carrier, watching mommy washing bottles, watching big sister Emmy’s every single move!  The bond these two are developing is just priceless to me.  Emmy is ready for her to “grow up” as she often reminds me, but she also enjoys engaging with her by making her laugh.  Emmy will dance, hop on one leg, make silly faces, whatever it takes to make Mary Mac laugh.

Dislikes: She is a baby who loves to be held when she wants to fall asleep, but is otherwise rather independent and wants to do her own thing – whether that is stretched out on her activity mat or in her jumper!

Sizes: Size 4 diapers!! :O MM is now much more comfortable in 6/9 months clothes.

Sweet memories:  I am incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This time together is slowly coming to an end, however, as I will return to work full-time in a few weeks.  I have so enjoyed spending these days with her. We drop Emmy off at daycare, usually run to chick-fil-a for breakfast, and then come back home to clean up or she may even attend a few meetings with me.  I usually have a doctors appointment or massage therapy appointment scheduled for these days and she is the best little sidekick.  We often meet daddy for lunch and then I head back home and we nap or watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse until it is time to pick up big sister.  On Thursdays, we head to dance class. These days are flying by and I know I will one day long for these moments with my girls.  I am trying to live as “presently” as possible to soak up all this love, chaos, and joy in the indescribably wonderful season of life.

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