Golden Birthday

Though it is only (barely) September, the Tar Heel and I are already working on plans for my Golden Birthday.  I had never heard of a “Golden birthday” until my little, Ave, told me about this fabulous phenomenon. 27 on the 27th!  That’s a fantastic number of sevens. 27 is also my favorite number and one that shows up in my life a lot for some reason (Dustin’s birthday is on the 27th as well:) ). Not to mention that my birthday falls on the weekend this year (the last time that happened was my 21st birthday, also a noteworthy and fun night!)


This all leads me to believe that my 27th year on earth may be the best one so far!

Naturally, for the best year yet, a sufficiently amazing “kick-off” to the year is in order. We are tossing around the idea of an overnight stay at the Carolina Inn for the NCSU@UNC football game.  The NCSU vs. UNC match-up has been near and dear to our hearts as a house divided since the beginning. However, the last five meetings have been especially dear to MY heart because we have WON all of them. :)

With Averi at the NCSU@UNC game in 2008. Second consecutive win if you were keeping track.
Engagement party invite photo session.

But you know, since I have witnessed this particular win so frequently (haha) it may not be as special as something like….A trip to DC? How fun would that be!  I LOVEEEEEEEEE our nation’s capital because I am a huge political nerd and history buff and just absolutely love everything about the city.  The monuments.  The White House.  All the business suits.  The Prepsters. Matchbox Pizza. The youth and the vibrancy of the city… if I could pick one place to live anywhere in the US for at least a few years,  it would be DC.  Love love love. Added (MAJOR) plus: My favorite, Amster, lives just outside of DC and I have been missing her something FIERCE!

In DC for the Pi Phi new chapter installation at GWU circa January 2007 with 40 (yes, 40) of my sorority sisters. THAT was a fun weekend!
Addition points for DC trip: AMSTER!! Here we are the night of her bridal dinner in Wilson, May 2010.

We are also tossing around an idea to visit Asheville/the NC mountains.  We spent my birthday in Black mountain two years ago and it was one of the best trips ever!  We went to Biltmore, stayed at a lovely B&B and had a fantastic time.  The fall is my favorite and it’s beauty is magnified in the mountains where we can see all the beautiful leaves changing to their new, gorgeous hues…

Birthday trip 2010 to Black Mountain. Love my sweet Tar Heel soooo much :)
Shopping at Biltmore!

We have a lot of fun planning to do and I can’t WAIT for my Golden Birthday and Golden Year to be here!



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