Happy Fall Y’all

Fall is upon us and while I wish I had time to write all about our wonderful Fall Break adventures, tomorrow brings a new school day and thus a new day of too much to do and too little time.  So for now, I’ll post a few pictures displaying my apparent obsession with scarecrows.  I had NO IDEA how many scarecrow-related fall decor items I own until I started to take these pics and realized there were a few too many straw faces and flannel shirts.  I haven’t decided if I should break this up a bit or keep on going with my quirky little scarecrow fetish. Either way they are sticking around unless the Tar Heel decides he isn’t a fan.  So far, though, no complaints from my sweet husby…:)

Riley is not a scarecrow but he is clearly not a fan of his mommy’s attention being anywhere else!

YAY for Fall! :)

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