Happy Halloween

I remember the morning of my interview for PA school very well.  The Tar Heel was there and when we walked in we were given a packet of information including our agenda and the breakdown of our interview groups and the names of our interviewers.  My name was listed under “Christopher Stewart, MD – PA Program Medical Director.”

My first thought was “Oh God, an interview with the Medical Director!?” My next thought was interrupted by Dustin saying “It’s OK, he graduated from Brody!!” My husband was clearly better at making decisions at that moment than myself as he was already googling my interviewer to help me prepare for my upcoming interview. I was instantly relieved to find out he went to the Brody School of Medicine at ECU, which is where I had just completed my first clinical position as a Research Assistant to one of the most successful and most celebrated Bariatric surgeons in the field. Of course, I hoped my time at Dr. Stewart’s Alma Mater would bode well with him and give me a slight advantage even if only by association.

About an hour later I walked into Dr. Stewart’s office, introduced myself and took a seat. His first question to me?

“So, Dr. Pories is still working at Brody? You know, he was my Attending….”

Cue internal “YAY!”

We went on to have a great discussion about one of the best physicians we know and we have had quite a few great conversations since.  As a student of the program, I love Dr. Stewart’s compassionate and realistic approach to medicine and his exceptional teaching style.

In fact, we ALL love Dr. Stewart and are grateful to have him as our Medical Director and a member of the teaching faculty.  To show our appreciation, we decided to dress up like him for Halloween.  The look on his face when he walked in and saw all of the “Dr. Stewart”s in the classroom was PRICELESS. He said we made his year.  I guess it really is true that imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Christopher Stewart, MD(s)

I love my fun little PA family!

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