I’m not sure where the entire month of March went, but I’m sure we were packing or unpacking a box during it.  What an adventure this time has been — from learning of our fast approaching move-out date, to finding somewhere to live, to being excited to leave Savannah, to being sad to leave Savannah, to losing a beloved member of the family, to making the six hour move back to my old stomping grounds.  Throw in our One Year Anniversary and my head is basically spinning.  What a roller coaster life can be at times.  Fortunately, with the right person beside you, each passing second is more brilliant than the last.  One of the best parts about moving back home to NC would have to be that we are finally a family of three with my sweet Riley Bear back at home with us.  He hasn’t lived with me since 2009 but my parents have been great enough to keep him for me at his “country home.” He is a rescue puppy from the  animal shelter and when I got him in 2005 the vet estimated him to be 3-5 years old.  So now he is an elderly puppy and has some special needs and is a greeeat reminder of how long we have to wait before we welcome more “puppies” to our home. Side note: The second morning Riley was with us he got sick and threw up in the kitchen, probably from the stress of moving (which I can understand).  My loving, wonderful husband woke up early and when he saw the throw up, he decided to cover it with a towel and went back to bed.       I.Kid.You.Not.    We have had a lot of fun conversations about that incident… :) But Riley really is the best puppy EVER and Dustin, fortunately, loves him as much as I do (probably a little more…)  I love my little family and it is good to be Home.

“To a new chapter of our wonderful lives…  Happy (Holly) Spring(s)”  :)

My “Happy Spring” flowers from the Tar Heel

I LOVE our Red Door!!

Roses blooming like ca-razy!

Literally one of the two things on any of our walls in the entire house right now… but we’ll get there!

My two boys :)


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