I know, I know…

…it’s been a while!  BUT, I have SO SO SO many good excuses (aka Wedding Plans).

1) We booked our chapel (which you already know! see? you aren’t THAT out of the loop!)

2) We booked our reception site — Elijah’s Restaurant on the Riverfront in Wilmington

3) I ordered my dress!  And I went with my 2nd dress, just like you lovely readers said I should.  I knew I could trust you all. :)

4) I ordered MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should receive the tracking information today, which I will be stalking relentlessly until they are in my possession.  Yes, I know you are dying to see them.  Yes, I am dying to show you.  BUT since I am SO excited about them, I think I am just going to keep them my little secret (unless you send me an email, comment, or facebook message indicating that you cannot go on without seeing them! In which case I will happily send you the link)  and show everyone after the wedding. I may give blog readers a sneak peak once I have my bridals done. 

5) I received my last piece of my Bridesmaid’s Bundle (what I am calling my “proposal”  bridesmaids gifts) last week so I am ready to ask my girls to be my girls!  Hah.  Finally!  I hope we can find them dresses in time… if only I knew a superstar dress maker that could make my bridesmaid dresses in any glorious pattern and fit of my choosing… Hmm… if only I knew someone like that.

6) We are meeting with Jessica and Hannah of A Shindig Events this weekend to discuss our “Day Of” coordination that will be taking place.  Let me tell you, I want to be completely disconnected from the world on my wedding day.  (No phone + no texts =no freakouts)  And so someone will have to take over my Type A-ness for the day.  That’s where Hannah and Jessica will step in.  We are still meeting with one other event coordinator before we decide who we are going with, but I am just excited to meet with anyone who wants to talk wedding details with me.  :)

7)  I’ve also been working on a few non-wedding related projects like these adorable cupcake picks for Jerri-Rae and Robby’s baby shower!  I think they turned out aaaaadorable.  I am now working on something for the Tar Heel’s nephew’s 1st Birthday!  Crazy! He is the cutest little baby and it seems like yesterday that the Tar Heel was telling me he was on the way to the hospital to see the little guy for the first time.

4 thoughts on “I know, I know…”

  1. Girl everything sounds like it is really coming together. I can’t wait to see the shoes. I want to be surprised in person ;) Just love all your great ideas. I know it is going to be a wonderful day.

  2. Jerri-Rae’s cupcakes picks were precious!! Thanks again for doing those!!

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