I say of, you say a.

Tuesday night the Tar Heel and I headed  to my old home sweet home, Raleigh, for the O.A.R. concert at the new Raleigh Amphitheatre.  I was so excited for this show.  Originally, the Tar Heel and I bought O.A.R. tickets for July 9th in Chicago (where we first met) and we were both so excited about it. We decided to change our plans a bit when the airlines refused to drop the price of a RDU to CHI ticket below $264, so we sold the July 9th tickets.  I was pretty bummed.  Not only were we going to miss seeing O.A.R, but we were missing out on visiting the city that started it all for us three years ago. 

O.A.R. really came through for us when they announced a stop in Raleigh on the tour.  I immediately scooped up 2 tickets and all was well.  Oh, and the Tar Heel totally made up for cancelling our Chicago concert plans by proposing to me on July 9th in Charleston instead.  I specifically remember after it happened saying “This is WAY better than the O.A.R. concert in Chicago!!”  –haha!

So our little makeup concert date was August 10th in Raleigh and it was AAAAAA-mazing.  We had a blast, despite the insane heat and humidity that night.  I tried to take a few pictures before we were soaked through with sweat, but they still aren’t exactly cute. 


It’s better that we keep this close
Keep you close to me
Walking under every sky
Over every sea
You can be my modern girl
And I can be the one you found
If we’re taking on the world today
I know we got to leave this town

-“This Town”, Of A Revolution

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