Wedding Photography


The Tar Heel and I had a very thorough process  for selecting our wedding photographer.  We both tend to love the same style of photography, but the wedding photography market is SO saturated right now… it is hard to tell from a fancy website and a few cute baby pictures who has a genuine gift, in addition to the experience worthy of shooting someone’s wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people can turn a hobby into a business.  But there are some photographers who have made photography their life‘s work.  It is a calling for them, much like a calling to be a doctor or any profession.  We weren’t as concerned about how much they charged — we knew we had to spend a little (ok a lot) more on the photography than the flowers – and for obvious reasons (I hope). But we mostly wanted someone who is incredibly passionate about what they do.  We knew that the end result, then, would be incredibly passionate photography.  We found everything we wanted and more in Julie Mixon Photography.  Our sweet friend Travis Bartlett, a true photographer himself, first told us about Julie.  Julie is a wedding photographer, photography instructor and undeniably wonderful artist. She was so easy to work with, and I immediately felt comfortable with her behind the cam. Julie recently gave her beautiful blog a little update and lo and behold, our little wedding made her Featured Weddings portfolio. If you are in the NC/SC area (she lives in SC now but continues to shoot for us NC folk) then give her a call.  She is fantastically talented and a jewel to work with.  Oh and we got our wedding pictures (all four discs of them) back in record time….2 weeks after our wedding.  Literally.  Ah-mazing.


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