Leave it to Me

Leave it to me to accept a new traveling position based out of Savannah, GA….

….and have my first traveling assignment in Raleigh, NC!

Yes!  It’s true.  I just spent two lovely weeks in my old stomping grounds.  And my hotel was beside one of my favorite Raleigh establishments, Crabtree Valley Mall–no less!  The strangest part of all was actually staying in a hotel in Raleigh.  It was just so weird. I mean, imagine yourself staying in a hotel in your hometown.  Doesn’t make sense, right?  But I managed.  Also, since I was in North Raleigh for training for two weeks straight,  I had some time to catch up with old friends like my Lil Ave, her husband Grant, my Salty girl Erin, and of course my family and Dustin’s family.  It was so nice to spend time at my other “home,”  especially this close to the beginning of Wolfpack Football season.  I drove by Carter-Finley Stadium, down Dan Allen Drive, and enjoyed a little Village Deli visit for the best Chicken Salad sandwich in the world.  It was almost like being back in school, but better, since I am now able to enjoy the occasional small luxury like my wonderful massage at Jolie Day Spa in Cameron Village.

I can’t explain my connection with that city, but it always stirs my emotions to drive those roads and see those places where I spent some of the best days of my life.  After all, I even named my blog after my love for NC State.  The only thing that kept my trip from being absolutely perfect was that my sweet Tar Heel wasn’t there to enjoy it with me.  It was tough to spend two weeks away, but we were so giddy with excitement to see each other on Friday that it was like our first days together all over again.  I made sure I had just the right outfit on and my hair and makeup done.  We counted down the seconds until I could leave my training class and meet up in Raleigh.  It was soo much fun and I love that two weeks away still makes us feel like that.  :)

Also while I was in Raleigh, the Tar Heel’s first pair of glasses came in to the office and I was sooo upset I didn’t get to see him in them.  Somehow I managed to coerce him into taking a classic “bathroom mirror” shot while at work and he sent it to me via text one day at training and it was sooooo worth the begging!  He actually only agreed after making me promise this picture wouldn’t make it to Facebook/the Blog/anywhere….. but really.  He knows me better than that. O:) Goodness gracious I am thankful this man is all mine! :)


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  1. SO excited we got to see and spend time with you guys this weekend. I’m happy that NC still feels like “home” to you guys. I still pray that coming “home” wherever it is in NC, will still be in your future plans. I know, sometimes my prayers are selfish! I just love you both and miss you very much!

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