Living well!

So I kinda threw it out there in my last post that this past Friday night was a LOT of fun. Afterall we did sleep in until 10:30AM Saturday morning, so it must have been a good night before, right?! Well, it certainly was. It was Tim-bo’s 50th Birthday Party! The Tar Heel’s sweet and beautiful momma, KSG, went ALL OUT for this party. I’m talking DJ, dance floor, food, drinks, and twinkle lights (my personal fave!). I cannot tell you how much fun I had with my Tar Heel and his sweet family that night. It was definitely an amazing night. The highlight of the evening for me was seeing Mema and Papa take to the dance floor getting down to the “Boots with the fur” song. Ha ha ha! Amazing. Getting ready for the party was a lot of fun too.   KSG asked me to make these really cute Cupcake picks that went along with the theme of the party, “Live Well.”  They turned out better than we imagined! KSG really thought of every detail, right down to the adorable koozies that said “Tim-bo is 50 and cleverly disguised as a responsible adult!” Haha I love that! :)

Here are a few photo collages I put together of the evening. I think pictures really do tell the best stories, especially for this particular night! Enjoy…





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