A few Mnemonics by the Stately Lady and the Tar Heel:

Pertaining to my trip – We first packed in the A/C for our trip to see my cousin in AL.  We plan to stop by ANn ARbor to see her canARY.  While we were there we accidentally stepped on a sEAL.  It was ICky.  Our objectIVE was to remove it’s TICk.

When taking ECTstacy in ASIA you might get pregnant which causes stretching and dilation.

Having a nEMESIS makes you want to vomit.

If I want my sister to stop leaving, I tell her to “STAy, SIS.”

Yes, it’s been a while since I had Medical Terminology in undergrad and my prefixes and suffixes needed some review after such an extended break.  Fortunately for me, my sweet Tar Heel is quizzing me every night and helping me create the most bizarre yet memorable mnemonic devices.  We have a lot of fun creating these stories.  To date, my favorite has to be our story about -ac, -al, -an, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ic, -ive, and -tic; all suffixes meaning pertaining to.  His creativity allows the most outlandish, silly devices to evolve and trump my serious, less helpful devices.  And I am better for it!

When I think about starting school again this August, I often imagine being done.  Being totally done with school and starting life as a PA. Yes I am probably putting the cart before the horse, but it seems so attainable now, finally after all this time. It has taken me 4 years since I walked across the stage at NCSU to get my first degree.  And I have often wondered how and why my professional life went so off track from my original “plan.”  I always knew I would go to college and grad school; that was never in question.  It’s mostly that time after undergrad where things get a little hairy.  I set off to college to become a teacher, then pharmacist, then clinical research (that still stands) then back to teaching, then medical IT consult and now finally, PA school.

I am convinced this has to be one of the most convoluted routes to PA school imaginable.  But I also know my other more “unconventional route” PA colleagues would agree that this  plan B (and sometimes C, D, and E) will equip me with more experiences to be successful as a provider for my patients.  I have seen medicine from nearly every side at this point — as a patient, as a care team member, researcher, and most currently from a medical billing and administration perspective.  In a little over a year from August, I will start seeing my first patients on rotation. While that seems crazy at first, it also seems like the most natural next step possible.

I have to say,  looking back I now understand that while unconventional indeed,  my path has led me to exactly where I needed to be.  The best part of taking this journey is that along the way, I stopped walking alone and started walking beside my best friend.  The biggest part of my plan that was once missing is finally here, and I am right where I need to be as a result.  The Lord knew exactly what I needed to be able to accomplish my dreams and he sent the Tar Heel to me at just the right time and not one minute sooner.  I am eternally grateful for an omnipotent, omniscient and ever loving Father who gives us what we need, when we need it.   So, every time I think “I wish I was done with school” I remember that being done with school could have meant never meeting Dustin, or never knowing a career that would bring me fulfillment and joy.  There is a reason for every failed plan and I am so grateful for them. I love you, sweet Tar Heel.  Thank you for walking this perfectly imperfect road with me.




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