My new favorite letter is….


This weekend I received my first “G” gifts.  “G” being my new initial once the Tar Heel and I are married, of course.  The Tar Heel’s sweet Mama Kay bought me my very first G present, a gorrrrrgeous wine bottle stopper.  It is cut glass and so pretty!  My cousin Christina (that I saw for the first time in SIX long years this weekend) gave me a “G” pink and green bag, “G” tissues and a “G” badge reel for my new job at the hospital, but I am already using it because it is too cute to sit in my closet for months. :)

Also, thanks to everyone who commented on the last post about your planning tips.  I have signed up for theknot and their checklist is AWESOME! I was already overdue on 22 items, but no big! I am slowly checking things off.

I also discovered Style Me Pretty, specifically where you can create your own inspiration boards.  I am incredibly torn on the colors for our wedding.  I think the Tar Heel wants to go with whatever makes me happiest, but I love having his input too.  At first, I thought it would be Coral (my COLOR of the season.  I love all things coral right now. Its a strange obsession.) and light blue (in an around-about-color-range of Carolina blue… but I could never call it that. You know, what with being the Stately Lady and all…).  Sort of like this:

(These are my first attempts at putting together inspiration boards, don’t laugh!)

All images found via google search.  Bottom left corner image is  by the awesome Millie Holloman Photography.

But I bought a painting for the Tar Heel as part of his 6 month anniversary gift that we both fell in LOVE with, and we are seriously considering going with this color palette from the same print:

Sources: Center image, “Shrimp Cocktail” by Ortud K. Tyler found here, other images found from top left to right: Paratinovia, Paratinovia, Paratinovia, The Bride’s Cafe, Snippet & Ink, Style Me PrettySnippet & Ink,  Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink, Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink

We are getting married in Wilmington, so both will include a beachy feel.  But I can’t decide between these two palettes–sweet and soft understated beach theme or bold and bright nautical theme?


2 thoughts on “My new favorite letter is….”

  1. I like the coral/blue scheme – SO pretty and soft!! Whatever you decide, I know it’ll be beautiful and perfect!!
    Have fun with your planning – I know you are on cloud 9!! And give that sweet Dustin a kiss for me!! :)

  2. Um….I bought you your first G! Just wanted to clear that up for your legion of followers!!! :)

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