Oh hello there, beautiful shoes.

The other day I was going through my daily blog reads when I made a truly amazing discovery. While reading this post about her beautiful bridal shower inspiration board, Nina at According to Nina had included a link to Nina Shoes and I decided to head over for a look. When I got there, my eyes were immediately drawn to the “Design your Perfect Shoe” ad. I eagerly clicked and waited for my oh-so-slow-we’re-talking-snail-pace internet at work to bring up the greatest idea to happen to shoes since the peep-toe pump: a website to pick the color, style, sole color and sparkle of your own shoes!!!

How many times have we gone shopping for “just the right shoe” only to walk away with our “settlement shoe”? Let me tell you, the geniuses (they must be women) at Nina Shoes  got it RIGHT. I am one of those girls that when the blessed day arrives that I get to walk down the aisle, I want every eye to be on my shoes! I am fully prepared to spend as little as possible on my dress so I can SPLURGE on my shoes! Now with this option from Nina Shoes, I may not have even have to do that, considering the completely personalized, designed-by-you shoes are only ~$150.

Someone tell me this isn’t just a dream.

Finally, meet my shoes:

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