Pearl Girls

Two days ago I picked out my wedding shoes.  When I saw a pair of Kate Spade shoes on a wedding blog, I thought it might be worthwhile to check out her line for my potential wedding shoes as well.  No sooner than I could type had I found my shoes, staring right at me, in all their wedding shoe glory.  I was a little weary at first.  Was it too soon? Wasn’t that too easy?  It was my wedding dress story ALL OVER AGAIN!  I knew one person and one person only would give me their complete and honest opinon: KSG.

The Tar Heel’s mother, KSG/Mama Kay, is one special lady.  Not only did she raise THE best man in the entire world, but she has absolutely impeccable taste.  I emailed the shoes to her right away asking for her honest  thoughts.  She immediately replied that they looked just like “me” and encouraged me to go for it!   That was all I really needed to  hear and in a matter of hours Kate Spade in Charlotte located a pair in Greenwich, CT  and they were finally going to be mine. 

When I got home that evening, Mama Kay and I had a little chat about the details of my wedding attire.  She asked me what necklace I would be wearing and I quickly replied “well, I was considering something sparkly to match my shoes, but I think I will just go with my pearls.  I’m a Pearl Girl.”  She smiled and told me that while she was picking out her ring, a sales lady came over to ask her opinion for a gentleman there who was buying a wedding gift for his bride-to-be.  He was buying her a necklace for the wedding ceremony.  The sales lady insisted that he should buy her pearls, simply because that is what most brides wear on their wedding day.  And Ms. Kay tried to explain to him and the sales lady that even though it’s her wedding day, you really have to be a Pearl Girl to appreciate them, regardless.  She said he seemed even more confused, so she started to explain.    She told him that while she absolutely adores pearls,  she has a daughter who isn’t entirely crazy over them and if she were to give her a nice strand of pearls, she would value them as a gift from her mother, but may not love them as much as something else.  She went on to tell him about me, her future daughter-in-law, who is a self-proclaimed Pearl Girl and how I would flip over a strand of Mikimoto pearls.  So his decision to buy the pearls should really come down to knowing if she is a Pearl Girl or not.  She said he finally decided to call his fiance’s mother to ask her since he wasn’t entirely sure of her “Pearl Girl” status.  He ended up purchasing a simple and classic diamond necklace. 

I love that Mama Kay and I are both Pearl Girls.  I absolutely cherish our relationship, and that I can go to her for just about anything.  We can spend a few hours talking about any number of things and it is so natural and genuine, and I feel so lucky to have that ease and comfort with my future mother-in-law.   I look forward to having two wonderful mommas instead of just one for the rest of my life.  On top of that, I get a sister for the first  time too.  What more could a girl (pearl girl or not!) ask for? 

Mama Kay and I over fourth of July weekend at Surf City.

2 thoughts on “Pearl Girls”

  1. Such a sweet post – I think we are all lucky to have you in our lives…Dustin has always had such a tender and caring heart and I think he’s made a GREAT decision for his life-mate!! Looking forward to the up-coming wedding events…AND having you in our family!!

  2. Love the post Regina, but not as much as I love you! I am so excited that my son is sharing the rest of his life with such an incredible young Godly woman! I am so happy that God put the two of you together and that you both recognize his role in this union. You are two beautiful individuals that make an even more beautiful couple. I couldn’t have picked a better mate for him myself. Thank you for loving him unconditionally! Cannot wait until you are “officially” one of my children although I already claim you!

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