Pi Phi Wine & Design

Without a doubt, one of the best outcomes of moving back to the Triangle area is being able to once again be involved with the NC TriAngels — the Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club for the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas.  I was pretty involved in 2008 and 2009 right after I graduated from undergrad, but when I moved back east I couldn’t really attend any events and after moving to Savannah, I ended up joining the club down there.

Last night I went to my first Triangle alum event since 2009ish at the Raleigh Wine & Design.  There were a few familiar faces and lovely new faces as well.  I re-connected with two sisters from my own chapter and met several sweet new girls.  Everyone was so welcoming and it was like picking right back up where we left off.  I love those types of friendships.

Aside from getting to see everyone again, I was SO excited for this event specifically because I have been wanting to go to Wine & Design for soooo long!!  In what seems like a former life now, I actually once loved to paint, draw and had a special gift with chalk pastels.  In high school, I spent hours in art class and took every class imaginable.  Anyway, it was my escape and I loved it and I was fairly good at it.  But ever since starting college, I haven’t had the chance to hone my skill or even just let go and paint a little.  Aside from the random silly craft, I just sort of let that hobby go.  I was really looking forward to holding a brush for the first time in far too long.

In the end it was a fantastic night of catching up with old friends, good wine and some pretty decent painting if I do say so myself.

Happy to be back, Raleigh!



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