Pretty alert: Talbots

I was considering posting about the gorgeous new pieces at Talbots, but after Grits decided to go and offer an awesome giveaway, I had all the incentive I needed to share this find with my lovely friends and readers.  Moment of truth: Before a few weeks ago I’d never even been to a Talbots store. After seeing this Post  about about their Fall collection, I decided I would stop in. I was so pleasently surprised. Their new Spring line is also divine, and has all the  “transition to spring” pieces I need. The pinks, the greens, the paisley… Oh my!
If you haven’t stopped in Talbots lately, it is sooo worth the trip!

Here are some of my favorites: (Click to view bigger)

So cute, right?  Image from here!

And while you are browsing the Talbots website and plotting your next purchases, be sure to check out this amazing blog —  Red Chair Confessions, The Talbots blog.  Naturally I love the name of this blog (I have a thing for red being a State fan and all) but there is much more to this blog than just a fun name.  In the Spotted section you can see everyone sporting their Talbots in  the general (and not so general, hello First Lady) public.  Awesome!

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  1. LOVE Talbots! One of Tim’s favorite places to shop for me. The white pea coat that you liked in my pictures from Asheville is a Talbots jacket (courtesy of Tim). Classy – for sure!

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