This is an important post because what is about to be presented has never happened before.  I am not really known for my ability to keep plants alive.  In fact I’m probably more well known for my ability to kill plants.  When I saw these cute little plant growing kits all I could think about is how adorable they would be on my windowsill. I didn’t decide to actually purchase the kit until I read the words “Guaranteed to grow!”  After that I figured what the heck, and grabbed the grass growing egg and a purple pansy egg.

So here is the “Before” shot of my growing grass egg.

Next I tried to plant the pansy and this is what happened after attempting the very first instruction to “tap the top of the egg with a spoon and lightly crack open.”

So I gave up on that one.  But this minor setback did not deter my grass growing efforts.  And apparently all my hard work and natural born grass growing ability paid off because this little guy seems much happier with some “hair.”

Adorable. :)

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