Tonight on my way home I passed a church sign that read “God’s love is never found accidentally.”  I started to think about how applicable that is to not only God’s love, but His love for His children.  He created each and every one of us with a purpose.  We don’t really know that purpose until we discover God’s never ending love for us, and so often I have come to see how purposefully God has placed people in our lives for us to extend His kind of love toward, and for them to love us in the same way.  This has never been more evident to me than in my relationship with my sweet Tar Heel.  Our lives were so perfectly, and at times imperfectly, entwined for many years to lead us to the decision to spend our lives together.  It was only by divine intervention that we came together, and thrived, despite ourselves.

I truly believe that God placed Dustin in my life and me into his for a very real purpose and without any accident, just like when we find the love of Christ.  We have known this for several months and Dustin fondly tells me the story of his moment of clarity when he knew without a shadow of a doubt that we would spend our lives together.

And while the actual engagement itself was a surprise, I was not surprised in the least that it would be one where Dustin contemplated and planned the entire proposal with my wishes and dreams at the forefront.  He knew he would propose in Charleston, specifically the Gazebo at the Battery, after hearing how many happy memories I have of the city with my family when growing up.  He chose to do that for me.  He also picked out a photographer, because he knows how much I love having documentation of our love for one another through pictures.  He chose to do that for me.  He had a rickshaw pick us up from Magnolias, my favorite restaurant, because I told him I thought it was the neatest thing ever when my best friend Amy and her husband left their wedding in a rickshaw.   He chose to do that for me, too. 

After the photographer left and before we called to let everyone know, during our first moments together as an engaged couple, Dustin prayed and we gave our relationship to the Lord and thanked Him for His many blessings, including the gift of each other. He chose to do that for us.

I have been in a complete fog for the past few days.  The morning after our engagement, I woke up at 7:00 AM and recalled what happened the night before.  I immediately looked at my left hand and at the beautiful ring on my finger just to confirm that it wasn’t really a dream.   Luckily, it wasn’t just a dream and it all happened entirely on purpose. 

Next up: The days leading to the proposal– how the Tar Heel asked for my hand and other funny stories. :)

All photography by Kristen Williams Photography of Charleston, SC.  She was AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “Purpose.”

  1. I called Lindsey today about something entirely different and when she came to the phone, she told me she had been trying not to cry reading this blog. I immediately had to get off the phone, so I could read. She was right. The tears began to flow and I was so full of so many different emotions. I knew God would send Dustin the perfect mate. My prayer was that not only his eyes would be open, but more importantly his heart would be open to what God had in store for his life. I could not be happier than I am right now knowing that my son has accepted the gift God sent him of the perfect partner and that the two of you have a bright and promising future!! In the end, I too have a special gift; another beautiful daughter!

  2. Good GRACIOUS!! I got all teary eyed reading your post Regina – then it started all over again reading Kay’s comment!! I’m happy for ALL of us!! Ain’t love grand?!!

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