Dustin Day

Yesterday my sweet Tar Heel turned 25 years old.   We started the celebration a little early this weekend on Saturday.

Saturday morning the Tar Heel woke up to this.  The rules of “Dustin Day” included that the gifts had to be opened in order, at specifically designated times throughout the day.  The Tar Heel was so excited and kind of nervous about what the day would hold.   The first gift was a fun gift for him that he has asked about previously and I (luckily) remembered from a few months ago.

The second gift was a bag for his GoPro camera.  I asked him to bring along his GoPro and we took the camera and Gift 3 on a little bike ride.

I packed the Tar Heel’s favorite Orange Cinnamon rolls and we had a little picnic in “our” spot of Daffin park.

Gift 3 was a bike mount for the GoPro, so we were able to mount it to my bike and film our beautiful ride home from the park!  I remember thinking on our ride home that I would truly miss the natural beauty of Savannah.

The fourth gift was a present the Tar Heel asked for specifically — two new Yeti long sleeve tees in white and blue.  I couldn’t believe his excitement when he opened his new tshirts.  This boy LOVES tees and his ENTIRE wardrobe is made up of various shades of white, blue and gray with an emphasis on “Carolina” blues.  It is hilarious/sad. :)

After our breakfast picnic in the park, we started our afternoon at a beautiful winery called September Oaks Vineyard in Ridgeland, SC. This was the entrance to the winery and needless to say it was pretty amazing!

We enjoyed delicious wines and wonderful company at the picturesque vineyard.  The live oaks were so impressive, we couldn’t help but take several (hundred) pictures of the vineyard grounds.  As soon as we drove up to the tasting room, we commented on what a beautiful wedding venue this vineyard would make and as soon as we walked in I saw a couple meeting with their wedding planner and discussing all-things-wedding.  You can spot a couple planning a wedding from a mile away, but these two were especially stereotypical in that the girl was emphatically speaking with the planner and the guy had his head down on the table with a look like “I DON’T CARE ABOUT NAPKIN OPTIONS.” It was amusing, but made me grateful my sweet Tar Heel was such a wonderful fiance and indulged in all my guilty wedding planning pleasures entirely complaint free!

Here I am standing under one of the Live Oaks.  They were h-u-g-e!

My love and his second love (photography) and sporting his fresh new white tee. Hah!

We headed back to Savannah and stopped in at this b-e-a-utiful bakery called “Back In The Day” Bakery.  This was our first visit to the bakery and they are releasing a new cookbook next week!  Scoop up a copy because the Drunk Blondie I had was aaaamazing!

Finally, we wrapped up Dustin Day at Vic’s on the River for dinner.

I even had a surprise present number 5 waiting for the Tar Heel to open when we arrived.

His present came in the box above from PhotoJoJo with the cute little dinosaur in the package.  I LOVE artsy design companies!  The Tar Heel’s final present was another photog gadget-y thing; a Diana lens and adapter for his D90.  The Tar Heel was so excited and couldn’t wait to open it until he got home so it was completely removed from the packaging and in his pocket by the time we left the restaurant. So cute.

Happy Birthday to my Quarter of a Century “old” man – I love you more than you can ever know! -xoxo

ps. So glad you are back down to only one year younger than me.  Those four months are always so long to me. ;)

3 thoughts on “Dustin Day”

  1. Regina-

    You did a great job planning Dustin Day! I, too, have a longgggg 19 months where Brent is 2 years younger than I. I feel like I’ve been 25 already for years and he will just turn 24 May 5. Come onnnn, May 5! ;)


  2. What a wonderful wife you are and what an amazing day you planned for Dustin. I missed celebrating with him….our family ALWAYS gets together for birthdays and I miss that now that we have several who have moved away from Goldsboro!! But it looks like you did a tremendous job of making Dustin feel special!! Love you both!!

  3. Regina you are a jewel to make Dustin’s birthday so special. Even though we couldn’t all be together to help him celebrate, you made up for it. We love you both and miss you.

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