1.  I got bangs and “copper” low-lights. I’m channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel. So far I love it!

Me and the hubs at the Tar Heel’s cousin’s baby shower. We can’t WAIT to meet Baby Pearson!! (FYI: those are little red elephants on my shirt. Just doing my part spreading the news about the impending election without jamming political propaganda down everyone’s throat. And who doesn’t love little elephants? just sayin.)

2. Fall Break is only 2 days away.  It could not get here faster. My big Fall Break plans? “Catching up” on studying/school work, several small crafty projects and FINALLY breaking out my fall decorations (which may stay up until December 20-ish). PLUS we are going to the…. STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER OF  THE YEAR!!! And we are going TWICE this year since we also got tickets for the Corey Smith show :) woot!

Part of last year’s fall decorations (in Savannah :( !!).

3. NC State upset #3 FSU on Saturday and I had to watch from my couch while I was sick with a cold and double ear infections (fun!).  It was a GREAT game and Dustin and I were both standing up in shock watching the last minute of the game. Amazing amazing game – so proud of my boys and HENCE Why NC State was named the NATIONAL TEAM OF THE WEEK. Can I just say that beating FSU has always held fond memories for me. In 2005 I went to the NCSU at FSU game which wasgreat 1) because we won and 2) because it was my first experience at a college football stadium other than Carter-Finley.  Despite ridiculous amounts of heckling by FSU fans, we had so much fun .  In 2006 I was at Carter-Finley as we beat FSU when we scored in the last quarter on a beautiful touchdown pass by Daniel Evans.  I think that game was the beginning of the “Daniel Evans” chants.  I am so proud to be a member of the Wolfpack, especially when we beat those ‘NOLES! :)

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I LOVE me some TO’B!!
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4. I’m watching Long Island Medium shows I dvr’d (while simultaneously avoiding studying my genetics test Wednesday) and I freaking love this woman.

5. This week is national PA Week! Thank a PA this week :)



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