Seven Months


Miss Mary Mac turned seven months old on March 25th!  She has become quite the mommy’s girl over the last month and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that.  She doesn’t want me to put her down or be anywhere out of her sight.  She will easily go to her daddy and loved ones, but she seems to really light up when I’m around.  :)  It certainly makes my heart swell!  Although, it is important to note that I still don’t hold a candle to her big sister as far as the excitement level she displays when Emmy walks in the room.  Her grin and giggles when she sees her big sissy are just precious!  She has grown so much and is just  the sweetest baby.  I tell people all the time that I thought Emmy Mae was a sweet baby, but Mary Mac is even sweeter!  She smiles at everyone she meets and is just such a precious, darling girl.  She has the best, most complementary personality to her sister’s and I am so thankful she is ours!

For the better part of the month of March, I spent every bit of my free time enjoying this sweet little baby and the last few weeks we had together with me working part time and taking care of her part time.  We did a lot of visiting daddy at work,  bringing him his favorite lunch (Jersey Mike’s) and taking walks around the pond at his work. I even kept her big sister home from daycare a few days for me to spend some time with both of my girls before I returned to work full-time.  I have been so very blessed to have a husband who was willing to work full-time and maintain our health insurance so I could work part-time for the last 18 months.  It was and will continue to be a big transition for us as a family when I go back to work full-time, but I’m excited for the new career opportunity I’ll be starting!

Mary Mac accomplished a few milestones this month including cutting FOUR MORE TEETH.  She has a grand total of 6 now and is still going strong! She went to the beach for the 2nd time, but felt the SAND at the beach for the first time!  She seemed mostly overwhelmed by everything but I think she is going to be a water baby just little her sister and my sweet husband. She is holding more things AND started her first solid food – smashed bananas, which her sister quite enjoyed helping with.  Emmy was SO excited to feed her food for the first time.

MM has started expanding her vocabulary and now says “Momma,” “hey”, and makes the “dah” sound so “dada” is right around the corner.  One other big milestone is that I successfully survived being away from her and Emmy Mae for more than a night.  Their daddy kept both girls while I went on a girls only trip to Nashville and had a BLAST.  I am so thankful and grateful for the women in my extended family and for an amazing husband who was willing to “hold down the fort” while I was gone.  Considering I get overwhelmed at the thought of keeping them by myself for more than a few hours, I was super impressed by his ability to manage everyone alone.  I married Super Dad :)  In all honesty, I couldn’t begin to do this job of parenting without him… I am truly blessed!

One of the biggest “firsts” this month was that MM started daycare. I was not terribly nervous sending her because the same sweet ladies at daycare kept Emmy when she started at 6 months and we love them dearly.  In fact, one of the ladies actually kept me as a baby at daycare 20-something years ago.  So, I know she is in very good hands!  So far, she has seemed to handle the transition really well.

Sweet memories:  You know, you always hear about how amazing a newborn smells.. and it is true. There’s just something about a baby’s head.  I have taken to really smelling and savoring that smell of my sweet Mary Mac’s head because I know all too soon I won’t be able to experience that.  I have decided that my darling girl’s crown smells JUST LIKE a waffle cone.  Silly?  Maybe.  Accurate? Absolutely.  I just love this girl so much…!

Weight: ~19, 5oz lbs

Likes: Her thumb for naps, being rocked to sleep after finishing her nighttime bottle, walks outside, sitting up like a big girl.

Sizes: Size 4 diapers still! :) Miss Mary Mac still drinks around 4-5 oz per feeding and we send 5 bottles  to daycare. She usually drinks 3 of them there, and the remaining two we will give at dinnertime and then before bed.  She has started baby food now which they also give to her at daycare.  Mrs. Eula told me the very first day she was at daycare, she quickly found her “friend in the mirror” and was content and happy, laughing at her image in the mirror on the crib for the rest of the day. :)

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