Six Months

6 months

Our precious girl Miss Mary Mac turned 6 months old on February 25th.  I cannot believe we have celebrated her half birthday already! I remember so well when Emmy Mae turned 6 months old.  A lot of her first year was a blur for me, but something about Emmy turning 6 months old stands out in my mind. Certainly, it is no different for her little sister.  This month marked more milestones and the beginning of the second half of her first year of life!  What a big day for my little one. :)

Mary Mac is growing and developing her sweet little personality.  I am still enjoying my time home with her part time, though that is soon coming to an end as I will begin a job transition in a few weeks and go back to work full-time.  This also means daycare is right around the corner for our girl.  For now, I am just savoring this time and holding her closer than ever!  The days can seem so long, but the years are most definitely short.

Our little MM is becoming quite a fan of her big sister.  She loves to watch her every move.  She smiles so big when her sister barrels into her room in the mornings.  I can remember being so gentle when I would wake up Emmy in the mornings when she was an infant. And, truth be told, her daddy was the one to wake her up and put her to bed more often than not that year. But when I would get the opportunity to wake her up, it was with a soft, sweet voice and gentle back rubs and lots of “good morning my little angel” and snuggles and such. I would let her stretch, and take extra caution to not turn on the lights too quickly. I would start with just turning on the hallway light, then her room night light, and then the bright overhead light once she looked “ready” for the brighter light.  She would stretch, make funny noises, and wake up nice and “gently” I suppose you could say.

However, this is not the case for my darling Mary Mac.  Try as I might to extend all the same courtesies and allow her several minutes to wake up “gently,” this just doesn’t seem to happen for her.  Right about the time that I’ve started my “good morning little angel” routine and started a soft back rub, in comes my 3.5 year old toddler who walks as softly as a stampede of horses and has only one speaking voice volume: LOUD. I always look at Mary Mac and then say  “sorry sweet pea, your big sister is up so get ready…”  And Miss Emmy Mae barges in with her loud proclamations: “HEY MARY MACKY IS UP! MOM, MARY MAC IS UP!!!”

Mary Mac, and her ultra laid-back self, just smiles and laughs at her big sister and seems to actually enjoy this monstrosity of a wake up routine. She really is the perfect fit  to our little family, God bless her.

Miss Mary Mac celebrated her very first Valentine’s Day this month and also  gained two adorable bottom teeth.  She is almost sitting up without assistance and starting to really kick those feet and arms when she is on her belly, almost in the “crawling” stance.  Mary Mac also enjoyed celebrating her daddy’s birthday and sending her big sister off to a fancy daddy-daughter dance. MM is already looking forward to joining them in a few short years. :)

Weight: 18lbs 5.5oz (83rd percentile)

Length: 26 inches long (50th percentile)

Likes: Baths – she starts to smile and kick her feet when she sees me get her bathtub out!  She is also an outdoors girl like my first born.  She can be ultra fussy but will immediately relax when she gets outside.  She loves to take it all in and has serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) like the rest of us Gurley girls.

Dislikes:  NAPS!

Sizes: Size 4 diapers!! :) Miss Mary Mac is still fitting in some 6-9 months but has graduated to a few 9 month things.  She still drinks around 4-5 oz per feeding but is feeding a bit more frequently.

Happy Half Birthday, beautiful girl!

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