So far this semester…

Semesters.  I think I measure my whole life in semesters.  I guess I like it so much because it’s easy;  I’ve been doing it non-stop for almost ten years. Yes, in 2014, the year I [finally] graduate, I will have been attending an institution of higher learning for ONE DECADE. That’s TEN YEARS (see I learned a thing or two in college). As an [not-so] interesting side note, I will also have been on Facebook for one decade.  Not sure how I even feel about that. Wait yes, I do know, I feel like I wasted every minute of that decade spent on the time-sucking Facebook. Seriously. Thankfully I have followed suit from many smarter and wiser folks in my life and closed “the book” (or as our Pastor Mike calls it, IMAGE MANAGEMENT – click this link and skip to 2:15 to hear his thoughts) to focus my energy on much more important things in my life, like Instagram ;). Haha, just kiddddding…. Mostly. But seriously, click the link, listen to the clip, then go check your own Facebook page and see if EVERYTHING HE SAID ISN’T TRUE. Talk about stepping on toes.  I love that Hope Community Church keeps it real.

Back to this semester.  Thankfully, this semester seems to be going more smoothly than my first.  I don’t think the quantity of material has gotten any easier to handle, but I am finding myself considerably less stressed, and creating (dare I say it) a new found balance of work and play.  IE: we have tried to see our families more, and one of the best ways has been by going to our niece’s gymnastics competitions.  I cannot even begin to put into words the pride and joy I had seeing her compete for the first time with her team in her pretty purple leotard, up on those uneven bars with beautiful lines and pointed toes.  She was AMAZING!! Taking a break from studying to hangout with her and the fam has been such a blessing to us.

I am also trying to put aside the books and pick up the running shoes again.  The Tar Heel and I are doing the Couch-2-5K training and should be ready for a 5K around mid-march.  Speaking of mid-march, we will also be celebrating two whole years of wedded bliss this March 19. Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.  We have had such a fun past two years together and the best part is knowing the best is yet to come!! :)

Clinical rotations are six months away.  That is CRAZY.  I am soooo excited/nervous.  We had meetings with our advisors last week about where we want to be most challenged and to review rotation preferences.  I found out I will most likely be taking an OB/GYN rotation in Smithfield because I requested a rotation where I can deliver as many babies as possible!! I also found out I will probably be doing a rotation in Ortho at the Durham VA because I want to scrub-in as little as possible. I am happy some thoughts on what type of medicine I’d like to practice are finally coming into view. So far my top three choices would be: 1) Women’s Health 2) Internal Medicine 3) Peds and my bottom three choices would be: 1) Ortho 2) Emergency medicine 3) Geriatrics.  We’ll see if this changes at all by August. I spoke to one of the second year students in our program and she said she has already delivered 25 babies on her OB/GYN rotation (!!!!!!!!), and that rotations have really made it harder for her to choose what she wants to do — eeek! Either way, I just can’t wait.  I am so ready to put what I’ve learned into practice and start real medicine.

 My first sutures, blood draw (on each other!!), and punch biopsy

A Riley burrito, at Karis’ first competition, Riley being my cuddle buddy on V-day while I (sorta) studied, and a RED cork from a bottle enjoyed during the Winter Storm of 2013 (aka a few snow flakes!)

My Valentine’s Day invitation designed by the Tar Heel with these words as the background, watching the planes take off and land from the RDU Observation park, my beautiful Valentine’s gift – a blue diamond necklace (already decided it will be our daughter’s “Something blue” on her wedding day!!), and pretty dessert following the best meal we’ve ever had at Four Square in Durham.


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