Social Experiment: Swiss Roll Study

If you’ve ever heard of Little Debbie snack cakes, then I’m sure you have experienced their famed Swiss Roll snacks. Full of yummy deliciousness, I found that our favorite (read: cheapest) grocery store, Wal-Mart, carries a generic version that I thought might be worth trying. I have absolutely no qualms with buying the generic version of every food under the sun, and I have a pantry full of Great Value to prove it. (Well, with one exception: Cinnamon Toast Crunch aka Sweet Baby Jesus in a Bowl aka SBJIAB) This is probably due to my experience in pharmacy and knowing that there is absolutely no (active) difference between Advil and the Ibuprofen generic store version (and you are just wasting your money buying the brand name anything when it comes to meds).

Annnnyway, when I brought home the “impostures” my sweet and wonderful husband did not share my same sentiments regarding our Great Value brand swiss rolls.  He insisted he couldn’t eat them because they wouldn’t be nearly as good. I thought this was ridiculous and so in light of the Tar Heel’s utter disdain for my “generic” swiss rolls, I devised an experiment.

Inclusion criteria:  Husband

Design:  Place “impostures” in original LD brand Swiss Roll box.  “Impostures” are strategically placed alongside LD brand swiss rolls inside the box so as to determine which is the control (original) and which is the variable (imposture).  Next, watch and learn.

I just love putting my new degree to work.

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