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Hello lovelies. I haven’t forgotten about my little piece of the interwebs called the Stately Lady just yet.  I have however been super ridiculously busy (which isn’t really a super good thing) but I suppose I have just adjusted to living a high-stress life.  The idea that there even will be a life for me one day where I only go to work, come home and relax with my sweet Tar Heel seems….. unbelievable? unreal? unfathomable?  Basically, super out of reach.  But I’ll get there one day.  I think?!

In other news, this weekend I was lucky enough to attend my first bridal show. Yay!  First, let me just say it was the most overwhelming thing I’ve ever been to in my entire life.  And I’ve been to HUGE medical conferences, sports competitions and even stood in Times Square for New Year’s Eve night.  But nothing could prepare me for the amount of audio and visual stimulus I would encounter at the Southern Bridal Show & Expo.   I walked in and immediately wanted to take a step back out to recover.  It was that intense.  There were young girls everywhere, most of which I immediately thought “You cannot possibly be old enough to get married in the state of North Carolina” and then I had to remember that those thoughts were 1)not nice and 2)not the point of being there. 

So I tried to keep trucking and avoided eye contact with every single vendor that didn’t have a giveaway for me to sign up for. Hah. 

At the end of the day, I did get lots of business cards and pamphlets from photographers, wedding planners, invitation/paper shops, and photobooths.  Those were the main reasons we even went to the expo to begin with.  And by the way, I asked the Tar Heel to go for  his expertise in photography in case we might stumble on to someone just starting out with lots of talent (read: cheaper than $5000) and he quickly agreed to attend.  Apparently this is completely weird to some people (his guy friends) and I don’t understand that at all.  First, there were SO many guys at this thing. Yes, they were outnumbered by women at about 2:1, but that still means a lot were there.  Is it really so weird that he went with me?  I really only specifically wanted him there to check out  the photogs for me, because I didn’t expect him to be super interested in anything else.  And he got free beer the second he walked in, so obviously the expo was prepared to cater to the men in attendance as well.  I don’t know, it just isn’t so strange to me that he went.  It’s ourwedding, why wouldn’t he attend? So that leads me to a question for y’all.  Did your husband/fiance go with you to any bridal shows in the wedding planning stages? Why/why not?

Here are some shots from the show.  I didn’t take many pictures because I was feeling overwhelmed (in case you missed that earlier)!

I liked the chargers, bamboo chairs and the place settings in this one.. not entirely in love with the colors or choice of flowers.

I liked the understated elegance of this one.  If I were to go with a centerpiece like this, the linens would have to be MUCH brighter to offset the simplicity.  So mixed emotions about this one. I do like how small the centerpiece is.  Those huge, 4-5 ft centerpieces with weird moss and diamonds etc. hanging down from what looks like a small tree are so gross to me.

I spy a Jerri-Rae!  That’s her in the picture at the top right-hand corner–the really cute girl jumping up in cowboy boots..  Remember her from this post?   Yep, she is basically a celebrity. We found her picture at the expo while at Jeffrey Minnish’s booth (he was her wedding photographer)!

PS:  I have a big and fun announcement happening soon so keep checking back… YOU will be glad you did!! :)

2 thoughts on “Southern Bridal Show & Expo”

  1. Thanks for the shout out!!! :0)
    Love this blog!!! Glad you guys had fun!
    I went to 2 wedding shows before our big day and my Mom and maid of honor (Jenn) went with me to both…I mentioned to Robby about going, he didn’t show much interest, so I didn’t bring it back up…other than all the free cake tasting, he would have been miserable! But the TarHeel is all about that kind of stuff…he’s a good one to take (specially for photographers) and he even has good taste in food sampling :0) I’m sure he was working those booths better than most of the girls in there! He’s a TALKER!!! :0) Hope you got some good ideas…it is very over-whelming but so much fun!!! You’ll throw half that mess away you picked up…and people will be calling you for 2 years telling you that you won the contest you registered for, but you have to sit in on some kind of lecture to accept the prize! hahaha!! the wedding show in Wilmington is good too – don’t miss that one!
    Hope all the wedding planning is coming along smoothly – let me know if you need anything!!! :0)

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