Spring days

We have so many wonderful updates, I’m not sure where to begin!  The Tar Heel and I are slowly but surely settling in together and figuring out this whole marriage thing.  It is simply amazing to me how much we have learned about each other over the last few weeks, and even more amazing how much we think alike.  We find ourselves often thinking the exact same thing at the same time and we never even have to say anything aloud. It is kind of creepy.  It happened before when we were dating, but never to this extent nor this often!  We have to just laugh at how eerily similar we think from time to time.

Last Thursday I went home to NC for three days to present my final master’s thesis equivalent, a research study my partner Kelly and I have worked on for the last year.  It is amazing to think that three years of work (2 years of classes and one year of research) came down to one, 45-minute presentation.  Kind of scary!  But, after our practice presentation Tuesday night we received rave reviews of our research project and results, so we felt much more comfortable presenting to Campbell faculty on Thursday night for our final presentation.  I am so excited to say the final presentation went well, and I am officially done with my first master’s degree!  I can hardly wait until May 13th when I get to walk across the stage and receive my hood and new, shiny degree.

The Tar Heel and I have enjoyed finding our place in this new city and I am finally making new friends!  A couple of weeks ago I joined the local Pi Phi Alumnae club here in Savannah and I have met the sweetest ladies.  I attended a Panhellenic Luncheon where fifteen sororities were present, with Pi Phi being one of the largest sororities represented.  Both the Tar Heel and I were invited to so many homes for dinner and churches to visit with these new Pi Phi sisters after that day, and it was a wonderful reminder of why I joined the organization.

Being in Savannah has been the most wonderful experience for the artistic side of me.  I have always had an interest in art and I love that the Tar Heel has such an incredible appreciation for the arts as well.  We have even started collecting interesting pieces and we have acquired some amazing artwork.  And every single weekend there is something going on in Savannah that is centered around the arts.  This past weekend we went to the SCAD Sidewalk Art show in Forsyth Park.  It was aaaaamazing!  The Tar Heel had to take advantage of the many photo ops, and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to wear my floppy hat for the first time this spring.  It was beautiful!

The next time I post, I hope to share good news regarding a job I am interviewing for this Monday.  Please please please say a prayer for me! :)

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