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So this week our invites went out for our engagement party coming up in a few weeks!  We were so excited about these invitations because we put quite a bit of effort into them!  Early on in August, the Tar Heel and I decided we wanted to hold a tailgate themed party as our engagement party.  I L-O-V-E tailgating and football.  I guess this is due entirely to going to a school where tailgating for every home game was a staple part of the undergraduate experience and something I did every fall Saturday for four years.  The Tar Heel’s mom and I immediately started brainstorming fun ideas for the party, including cute invitation ideas.  We decided it would be great if we went to Carter-Finley Stadium and Kenan Stadium to take pictures of the Tar Heel and I wearing our teams colors, and then incorporating those shots into a fun invitation.  The Tar Heel was assigned the task to design the invites, and he created them entirely from scratch.  They turned out AMAZING!  Here’s the final product with some of the detailed info removed:

When we went to Kenan Stadium to take pictures, it was completely open to the public and there were several people there running around the track even.  We went on a Sunday afternoon, and some of the UNC football team players were even having practice while we were there.  Unfortunately, when we went to Carter-Finley to take pictures, it was completely locked.  I’m not sure if this was because the State Fair was going on at the same time, but I was really bummed.  Just when were going to reschedule the photo shoot at State, we saw a man locking a door to the stadium and asked if he would let us in to take some quick pics.  He said yes and led us to a side door of the Murphy Center.  He then led us down a hallway and past the NCSU locker rooms and other amazing places not open to the public.  I was THRILLED and so excited to walk out to the field the way our players do every Saturday.  We got SO lucky to see that man and he was so kind to let us in AND take us down a super secret passageway. :)

(I stopped for a quick pic in the awesome hallway on the way to the stadium — love this quote!)

Woo hoooo for fun wedding festivities on the horizon!! :)

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  1. I SO wish we were, but I will be headed down to Savannah for Heather Pardue’s wedding!! So I am missing it for a good reason. Plus I get to see Dustin which is always nice! I’m sure you guys will have a blast :) I did however order a tshirt for myself and Dustin — his first Pi Phi tee!! yay! :)

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