Take A Back Road

Two weeks ago Hondy (our Honda Accord) got into an accident.  I was rear-ended after only a little over five weeks of owning our new car.  Fortunately, neither myself nor the other (reckless) driver were injured. Hondy, however, did not survive the incident unscathed.  She suffered a good bit of rear-end damage and so a repair was in order.  I could get on a serious soap box about how backwards our insurance world is (medical, car, etc) but that might go on for days.  Suffice to say, I was the one who was driving correctly and stopped for the red light.  I was the one who was hit from behind by some careless guy. And I was the one that had to file the insurance claim and set up times for an estimate, repair and drive a rental.

But….Our rental car is what I like to call a little “Justice.”  Our Rental is actually a beautiful, white 2012 GMC Acadia fully-loaded (including remote start) with only 4k miles, and I have been l-o-v-i-n-g it!  I know Hondy is the best car choice for us right now, but let me tell you I am getting more and more spoiled by the day driving this sweet Acadia.  Hopefully Hondy will be back to us soon.

In the mean time, we decided the timing could not be more perfect for a lovely fall road trip with the pretty new rental.  We have done so little traveling in Georgia since we moved here, we decided it was well overdue to head West and see where it takes us.  We only had one real requirement for this road trip:  No highways allowed.  That’s right, we decided to take a few back roads.  The Tar Heel grabbed all his photog gear, including his old medium format Mamiya, and we headed towards an adventure.

We stopped at every quaint Main Street we could find to take pictures and grab a glass bottle Coke.  (You KNOW those just taste better than bottled coke.)  It was amazing.  The first “small” town we came to was actually Statesboro, home to Georgia Southern University.  As luck would have it, we arrived to Statesboro at noon on a GAME DAY!  It was so much fun!  We loved driving around the campus and seeing everyone in their Navy and Gold, and I especially loved visiting their Greek Court.  It was pretty impressive, and the greeks were out EVERYwhere.  It was great!  Crazy enough, GSU was also playing Western Carolina, a school back home in NC.  I love seeing college campuses no matter how large or small — it always reminds me of my college experience at NCSU and brings back fond memories.

We continued our little journey and headed toward a small town called Millen.  We stopped at a few barns and took some great shots and then headed to their main street. I am NOT the photographer in this family, but I have NO patience to wait for his film to develop, so I took a few Hippstamatics to share on the blog. :)

After Millen, we headed back towards Savannah while stopping in a town called Sylvania on the way.  We drove straight past a really impressive looking winery (especially to be in the middle of no where) so we had to turn around and stop for a tasting.  When we got to the gates, several cars were driving through even though there were signs saying closed for a private event.  We knew what that meant, and it did nothing but make us want to go in even more!  So we drove down a beautiful, winding dirt path running alongside a picturesque vineyard and stumbled upon a breathtaking wedding taking place outside complete with twinkle lights.  It.Was.Gorgeous!!  We decided against crashing the wedding, but we were both amazed at the view.  The chairs.  The lights.  The sunset.  I couldn’t help but think of our wedding and hoped that the couple getting married gets to experience the wedded bliss the Tar Heel and I share.  It is truly a blessing to know this kind of love.

Finally, here are a few shots from along the way.  If you ever just need to get away for a bit, I would encourage you to RUN from the city lights and take on a long stretch of back roads. It is good for the soul.


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  1. LOVE this post – I’m so glad you guys are taking the time to “smell the roses”!! Once you guys start a family….you’ll be too busy to enjoy these little adventures!! Enjoy!! Can’t wait to see you guys next wkend!!

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