The baby shower

Sooo after all the excitement of the 5k wore off, I had to get focused on my next major goal: Bobo and SIL’s baby shower!  Now, when I found out they were having a baby I was pretty excited to say the least.  Its been a big deal (to my parents at least) ever since their wedding day in July 2004.  And now they are finally delivering! :) They picked a pretty adorable bedding set with lime green and blue turtles and gingham print.  They chose a gorgeous Cottage Style white crib and changing table and bookcases.  The nursery was finally finished over the break so that was pretty exciting.  Anyway, about the shower. I enlisted the help of the oh-so-talented Tar Heel who created the invitation for me from scratch.  As it turns out, its REALLY expensive to have invitations printed and we needed about 65 invites.  At $1.00 each (for a very generic, not so cute invitation) PLUS a $.50/per invitation printing charge, AND an initial $10 charge to set up an account, I was looking at spending oodles on an invitation that was only mediocre at best on the cuteness scale. I was not too pleased with this proposal, to say the least.  The Tar Heel suggested that he design the invitations and we could print them at the local Walgreens in a 4×6 photo size print for only $.16/invitation and voila!

 Amazing invitations: done.

small(The quality decreased significantly during the resize…please disregard)

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics with all the delicious food among  the decorations so these pictures look a little lacking, but you can get the general idea.  I used the Martha Stewart Pom-Pom directions for the giant green poofs. I loved how they turned out so much :) Considering  the shower was held at a super conservative southern, United Methodist Church (the one I grew up in) I got a bit of mixed reviews about  the decor.  I kept hearing  the phrases “Modern” and “dark blue?!” which I thought was kind of hilarious.  The sweet older ladies of our church were just so surprised that I strayed from the typical baby blue booties and generic decorations, and I was not really expecting that.  I still love them all for helping us as much as they did (I didn’t actually cook a single thing – all the women of the church volunteered and made all of the food) and so it was just funny to see their reactions to something so “different.”  Their responses were pretty cute, I must say!



And here is a picture of their nursery that inspired it all! Seeing the nursery almost complete really makes it real that a baby is going to be here soon! :)

Again, poor quality but an iPhone can only do so much!5