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So you know that icebreaker question “What three things would you want to have on a stranded island?” – well this post is going to answer that question, but along the lines of beauty products.  I have a few things I simply can’t live without, and if they were the only beauty products available to me, I would get along just fine. 


First, my absolute essential, I-cannot-live-without-this-product, product: Lancome Hypnose mascara. I also use Lancome CILS Booster XL, but if I had to do without that one, I could. I am obsessed with eyelashes. Obbbb.sessed. I think its due to my natural lashes being really light and not very long, so any product that accentuates them is an essential in my book.  The Lancome mascara products have been the best to me, by far, after many years of trying every mascara out there. Yes, they are expensive, but to an eyelash-obsessed girl, its well worth it. I will make concesssions in order to budget for this necessity. For real.


Second, For anyone that has thin, limp hair like myself, this is a miracle worker! I just bought it last week at Sephora because I am a sucker for great marketing. The product is by Living Proof and it is called full thickening cream and it does EXACTLY what it claims! I have loved it so far!


Finally, Pureology’s Nanoworks Luxury Hair Masque.  Admittedly, This stuff was expensive.  And I am pretty sure I purchased it because my hair stylist said “It uses Nano Technology!” and I immediately thought of my iPod and couldn’t buy the stuff fast enough. (I told you I am a sucker for marketing) But it lasted me almost 2 years (yeah, I think it should probably only last 6 months, but I always failed to use it on a regular basis) and it always made my hair feel amazing and shiny like none other, so it was WORTH IT!  It’s the same stuff they use at my salon for Deep Conditioning Treatments.  I am crazy over my hair, and I cannot stand for it to look frizzy or un-shiny (is that a word?)  so this product always fixed those issues. I left it on for around 5-10 minutes after shampooing and allowing my hair to air dry (some, not all the way) so that the moisture didn’t affect the conditioning treatment.  Afterwards my hair always felt amaaaaazing.  I have been out for a few weeks now and I can tell a huge difference in my hair (in a bad way) so my supply will be replenished soon. 

Are you a beauty junkie too? What beauty musts do you have? I will try anything once and store it in my “put in future guest bathroom” if it doesn’t work out for me.  Oh, and I have one more beauty must….

A smile!


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  1. What the crap, I’m bored and addicted to the internet. I will give you my top three favorites. These aren’t necessarily what I would pick if stranded. In which case I would probably want a body wash/shampoo combo, sunblock, and a razor.
    1.) Chapstick. I’ve tried all the expensive ones but honestly I think the .98 drug store chapstick brand is the best. I cannot stand to have chapped lips!

    2.) Neutrogena triple moisture leave in conditioner. I had to bleach my hair FOUR times to get the desired blondness and it is in the worst shape of its life. This stuff is awesome.

    3.) Mascara- I am lucky and have fairly long, thick lashes so my favorite is the original pink tube with the green label. I think its Maybelline.

    4.) I will throw in my favorite skin products. The Clinique three step liquid facial soap, toner, and moisturizing gel is my savior.

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