The bff

My spinner/salty/smurfette/bff is the best. This is why!



So last night, after the super fun Kristian Stanfill concert at WC, we headed back  to Salty’s parent’s house to hang out for a bit before I went back to Raleigh. We stood around in her parent’s kitchen snacking (Mrs. Philly always has the best snacks) and talking and laughing like we were 15 again. It was so fun. I love having her in my life and can’t imagine having a better best friend. When I was going through a disguisting breakup major transition period  last spring, I would call her crying, unable to say any words and she would  just start praying for me. Right there with me on the phone. What an amazing, shining example of a friend she is. I took this picture as an example of how our random talking/laughing will generally involve some sort of craziness like this. After Spinner somehow concocted this crazy hair style, she looked at me, completely serious, and asked if I would still be her friend if she wore her hair like this. I told her, “Of course. I just feel like I’d have to explain you  to every one I meet!” This quote describes us pretty good well:

You’re the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we’d know each other a long time. –Storypeople

In other news, I have failed to mention that besides my extreme obsession with paper goods, I also love the fall.  I snapped this picture on my way out of work with my iPhone because I know in about a week all of these glorious leaves will make their way to the ground and winter will officially begin to rear its ugly head.


Finally, thank you to everyone who has served in  the armed forces for our country so that we may worship, learn, and live freely.  Happy Veterans Day.

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