The crazy craziness.

Bobo and I, December 2007

I am pausing the review of our Wine Adventure to bring some exciting news in the world of Stately Lady.  Sooo, it is approximately 9pm and I have been at the hospital for the last 7 hours while my brother, Bobo, and his wife SIL are waiting for Baby Bobo to make his highly anticipated appearance.  Baby Bobo is not due until January 17th, but in true fashion to yours truly, he is just too impatient to wait any longer.  That, and I have decided Baby Bobo is completely excited to meet his favorite Aunt.  Can you blame him? :) UNfortunately, Baby Bobo’s delivery is taking place in my hometown hospital.  I am none to pleased with our experience here so far.  Bobo and SIL have been here for almost 27 hours and were here last Thursday night with long contractions.  In my opinion, the baby should have been delivered via c-section last Thursday night.  I don’t know why they were sent home for the weekend, but they were. By Monday (yesterday) they were back here with the same issues and earlier today were faced with being transported to Duke for an emergency c-section. I was SO happy to hear the news that my baby nephew would be delivered at one of the top hospitals in the nation. The current hospital then decided the baby would actually be well enough to deliver naturally and so they began inducing around 3. Awesome. So in case you missed it we went from “No, the baby won’t make it through labor and you need to go  to Duke” to “Oh, its cool, you can stay here and we will just induce and wait.”

Can we pick a side of the pendulum? Please?  And the next time I ask what medications my SIL is taking to a nurse, I expect them to actually tell me a legitimate answer. “Uhm, saline drip maybe and an antibiotic?” ain’t going to cut it.   I was asking half for her benefit and half for mine considering she hadn’t checked her chart at all prior to changing mess around.  She can thank me later when she doesn’t have to deal with any malpractice.  OH AND get this– SIL isn’t even administering her own insulin. COOL. What is this, a self-service hospital?

I am a little irritated, can you tell? Please pray for Bobo, SIL, and Baby Bobo. And my sanity. Lord help us please. I know there is so much prayer on our behalf going on right now. I know that God is in control and that it is in His hands. Its just that these experiences are the kind that remind you how LITTLE control we actually have!

On a positive note… I am thrilled to see this precious baby. I will be sure to keep everyone updated and regular Stately Lady posting will resume tomorrow.