THE dress.


Last Friday after work as I turned to get on I-40 East, I realized it would be a long and slow drive considering I-40 resembled more of a parking lot than an interstate.  So naturally, I decided to exit immediately and headed to the nearest bridal boutique to try on wedding dresses.

In just a matter of minutes I was fitted and standing in a dressing room with a woman I didn’t know wearing only a strapless bra that didn’t belong  to me and a slip.  It was a little weird at first.  But I quickly forgot about my modesty once this stranger lady helped me into the first wedding dress I had to try on.  I immediately stepped out of the room and looked at the mirror and felt…disappointed.

All I could say was “WAY too big.”

It wasn’t at all what I wanted and I jumped out of it (with the aide of my new stranger-lady-friend-who-has-seen-me-half-naked) and quickly readied myself for the next dress.

The next dress was a style that I just wanted to “try”.  It is very untraditional and somewhat trendy. I thought it was cute though and worth a shot… so I put it on and headed out to take a look-see.

Once I stepped out and saw myself standing in the mirror in a wedding dress, all I could think was “wow”.  It was surreal.  I couldn’t tell right away if I was taken back by the dress itself or by me just being in a wedding dress.  As soon as I walked out a lady and her two young daughters came around the corner and the girls’ faces both lit up when they saw me.

They both said “Mommy, look!  A bride, a real bride!”
It was so cute and such an affirmation for me.  I just smiled at them, but I wanted to squeal back “I know!!! Can you believe it!?”

So I stared at myself for a while and let the consultant bring me the brightest pair of high heels that she could find (a pretty shade of pink called Watermelon).  I loved what I was seeing in the mirror, but there was only one thing missing…my handsome groom!

The only person in the entire world that I wanted to see me in that very dress at that very moment was my Tar Heel.  Sure, it would have been nice to have my mom there and Mama Kay, but I couldn’t help but think about only one person.  I sent a text to the Tar Heel saying “I couldn’t help myself. I tried on a wedding dress and felt like such a bride. I just wanted you to see me SO much!” And  he sent back:

“I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle…I know you’ll be the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth, I love you so so much and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be together forever.”

I got so giddy and happy I could hardly contain myself.  I decided to leave the dress there for now.  I am scared to buy the 2nd dress I ever tried on, but I cannot find anything else out there (online at least) that I even want  to try on.  I am dreaming about myself in this dress!  And the great part?  I’ve been saving pictures I like of weddings, dresses and hair styles for about a year now.  I found out this week that one of the weddings I saved all the photos from had this awesome wedding dress in them… it’s the same dress I tried on and fell in love with last Friday. I decided to make an appointment for the end of August which gives me time to try on other dresses.  Next time I plan to bring my mom, Mama Kay, and whoever else I can coerce into coming to see my potential dress as well. :)

What do you think, is it too soon to be in love after trying on just 2 dresses?

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  1. No, it’s not CRAZY to buy the 2nd dress you’ve ever tried on…I bought the very FIRST one I ever tried on :0) I went to a place in Cary and tried on dresses and fell in LOVE with the very first one!!! I went to several other dress shops later on and tried on several more, but none made me feel the way that one did…so I talked Mom into going back to that first store and trying it on again to see if it still made me feel that way…OF COURSE IT DID!!! when I walked out that second time and looked in the mirror, I just started crying (a good cry)…so I knew it was THE ONE!!!
    CONGRATS on finding the ONE so quickly!!! :0) Can’t wait to see it!!! and I know how hard it is to not show “a certain someone”…but it’ll be worth it when he sees you walking down that aisle for the first time…
    So excited for you guys!!! :)

  2. Not at all! I loved the 2nd dress I tried on, buy everyone insisted I try at least 10. I did, but I went back to the dress that I knew I loved in the first place. Kinda like finding your perfect man–you just know ;0) congrats! I know you will be a beautiful bride!

  3. Girl I’m with Jerri-Rae!! Before I ever tried a single dress on I picked out a dress in a bridal magazine that I loved.I found out which boutique in Raleigh carried the dress and went there with the intention of buying it!!Of course my practical mom and best friend convinced me on the way that I had to be open minded and give other dresses a try. I knew that neither of them were as crazy about my dress as I was. When we go there I had the consultant pull my dress first and as soon as I saw myself in it I knew it was the one!! I did pacify my family by trying on other dresses but none of them made me feel as special as my dress did. So eventually I ended up putting my dress back on and as soon as I walked back out my mom said “Ok you were right!! This is definatly you dress!!”. It wasn’t some expensive couture dress but it was what I had always picture myself in. So just follow your instincts girl!! CONGRATS!! So happy for you both!! I know we don’t know each other that well but I can tell you one thing from being around him everyday at work…that boy loves you and it was obvious from the first week you guys started dating that he had it bad!!

  4. I don’t think it too soon. I think you’re the only one who knows if it’s “the one” and how it made you feel. I agree with Jerri-Rae. You know how you felt when you put it on and I’m sure that you won’t have that special feeling again with any others. I’m convinced it’s beautiful on and I agree with Dustin….you will be the prettiest girl on earth that day, wearing that dress, marrying that guy!! Love looks good on you! So excited to be a part of it all!

  5. I bought the 1st one I tried on! You know Phyllis, and I told her it was the one, but she insisted that I try some others on before we bought one. Well, I did and we went right back to the 1st one. When you know, you know!

  6. OK…you got me all teary eyed again this morning!! I was OK until I got to the “texting” part….SO sweet!! I confirm everything Jerri-Rae said before…we tried on hundreds of dresses after that “first” one and she was beautiful in all of them…but that “ONE” was the one!! I just hate you were all alone when you found this dress!! You had to share that moment with the “stranger lady” but it’s all good – when you go back, you can take all the gang with you :)
    Have fun!! Love ya!!

  7. Regina, I think you know when you have found the perfect dresss, So no it is not crazy, Enjoy it and Get your mom and Kay over there to go see it and try a few more if really feel like you need to. So excited for you.

  8. I love this post! :-)

    When it is the “one” you will know it! I promise! And if it is the second dress you’ve tried on, then that is AMAZING. When you go back in August and re-try it on you will know. In some ways it is easier to not find all these dresses that you absolutely love because then how would you ever choose?! haha! I wish I was there to see it on you–I know you will be a beautiful bride.

    While planning for our wedding, I would journal a bit here and there and had written down this quote that seems very fitting for your dress search:

    “Anyone who says its difficult to find the right man has never had to find the right dress.” [Dorothy Parker]

    Love you!!

  9. I bought the 3rd dress I tried on! :) Like everyone has said, you just know it. Especially if you’re dreaming about it girl!! :) So happy for you!

  10. you’re going to be just a beautiful bride! I cant wait to see what you pick because I know it doesn’t matter if its the 2nd dress or the 222nd dress you’ll pick something AMAZING!~!

  11. Girl… it sounds like this one is it. Like all the previous brides have said YOU JUST KNOW :) If it makes your toes tingle and your smiling in it then it sounds like your right on it. I really like the idea about the apt. for the end of Aug. That way you have plently of time to think it over and still shop around just to put away any doubts. Rock that Dress Girl :) So happy about all the exciting plans that God is just opening up for you and Dustin. Can’t wait to come and visit Savannah.

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