The Predicament




Rileybear is currently living at his “country home” with my parents.  He is not a lover of the big city  like his mom and much prefers being able to run and play outside and terrorize my parent’s cat, Baby. This leads to lots of long distance anxiety and guilt on my part.  On Tuesday, my dad was out of town and my mom was helping at the local voting polls where she was scheduled to stay from 5:30 am – 9:30 pm with no option of leaving. (Seriously?)  This left my poor puppy to go potty-less for approximately 16 hours. Being over an hour away and working full time meant my hands were tied, and my usual puppy helpers, Bobo and SIL, were both busy as well.  I was at a loss at this point. Fortunately for me (and Rileybear),the Tar Heel came through and saved the day. The Tar Heel is my NP. (new possibility) If anyone is a follower of Mormon in Manhatten then you’ll get that.  He also happens to live in the same town as my parents. Being a NP, I was unsure if I should ask such a big favor right away. However, I quickly learned that the Tar Heel was more than willing and did not hesitate at the opportunity to help me. Not only did the Tar Heel take Riley out for a potty break, but he stuck around and spent “mantime” with him! How sweet was that? As if I wasn’t already smitten, the Tar Heel even sent me the cutest picture of him and Riley hanging out. Love it people, love it.

The Tar Heel is so legit.