The Raleigh Room

This post is going to be really picture-heavy, so sorry it it takes 15 minutes for you to load this post!  I just had a hard time cutting down on the number of pictures, because they are all so blog-worthy!  Two weekends ago I headed down to Savannah to visit the Tar Heel with his mom and soon-to-be stepfather.  You know them better on the blog as Mama Kay and Timbo Slice (or Timmy Buffet… or Tim Diesel).  We had an AWESOME time and we actually got a lot accomplished, including starting and– finishing the guest room!  I have decided to call our guest room “The Raleigh Room” because it is now home to my favorite Raleigh prints including the Skyline picture the Tar Heel shot for me a few months ago and the NC State Fair poster he printed for me for my birthday.  I chose the colors black, white and lime for our guest bedroom.  I’m not sure why, but  I just love that color combination.  For our master bedroom I plan to decorate in light blues, whites/ivorys and pale coral hues.  That room will be a bit more beach-y,  so naturally it will be called “The Wilmington Room.”  Hah, cheesy, I know!

So here are some shots from their visit to Savannah and pictures of our Raleigh Room!!  I also have to add that the furniture in the room was actually my grandmother’s set (My MaMa!!), then it was given to my mom when she was a little girl, and now I have it.  My dad actually refinished all of it before my parents gave it to me, and it turned out AMAZING.  We have even had several neighbors come over to see the guest bedroom.  Our Landlord’s wife saw our furniture the day after we finished the room and she quicklly spread word down the whole block about how awesome the furniture looks!  I am so excited and proud of this wonderful family heirloom we now have in our home! 

Also have to add that Mama Kay and I recovered the little white lamp with the black and white fabric.  We spent forever on it, but it was a no-sew project and I will be happy to share our technique with you if you want it.  It was completely off the cuff, and I think we did a great job!!  I am so excited she loves to do crafty things as much as I do.

On to the pictures….!

3 thoughts on “The Raleigh Room”

  1. LOVE the “Raleigh” room – your MaMa’s furniture is gorgeous and I know you’ll cherish it for years to come!! Also, I’m guessing the milkshake photo is BEFORE the diet started? LOL

  2. Everything looks great! Looking forward to more pictures ;) Just looking at the pictures make you feel right at home. Looking forward to lots of fun times in the very near future coming up soon!!

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