This weekend…

…I am headed to Savannah, Georgia to see this girl get married:

That’s me and my Big, also one of my faaaavorite Pi Phis, from my FRESHMAN YEAR at our very first Formal!!  Please note the amazing Pi Phi ice sculpture behind us.  Legit. Hah!

I am SO excited to spend this weekend with my sweet husband-to-be and some of my absolute favorite people from college, I can’t even tell you! My Lil’ Ave will be there too!  The Tar Heel and I won’t be getting a hotel for the wedding of course, we will be staying at our house!  Our houuuuse! Where I get to live soon! Yay!  How exciting. :)

Can’t wait to celebrate with these wonderful girls this weekend!  Hooray for weddings and best friends!

Heather and I in O’Lunney’s Pub in Times Square!

My Big Heather, My Little Ave, Me, and Kelly at Caffe Luna my junior year!


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  1. Hope you guys had a great weekend!! Can’t wait to see you both at your party next weekend!!

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