Tight Lines and Red Wine


Over Memorial Day weekend, the Tar Heel and I were discussing fun boat names for our future boat.  By far, the best boat name we came up with was Tight Lines and Red Wine.   It is very “us” and I love it.  I proceeded to tell him that I would get him a nice GPS for our boat as a wedding gift since I know he would really appreciate it and it’s a bit on the expensive side for any other gift giving occasion.  He then asked if we could get married next week. 

Who knew all it would take is a little old-fashioned bribery?

PS: Happy 100th Post to the StatelyLady! :)

6 thoughts on “Tight Lines and Red Wine”

  1. Just a friendly idea… drop the red wine part and keep “tight lines”. I, myself, love the red wine addition… but there’s no reason to attract the attention of the coast guard for surprise inspections ;-)

  2. I love this post!
    I say keep the “red wine” part and use it as bribery if the coast guard stops you…..no one can resist good wine!

  3. Thanks Ms. Kay! And I have to agree. No one can resist Red Wine! Also I forgot to give you the card I have for Mr. Tim last night. Maybe I should mail it to his parents?

  4. I’m so glad you’re back – I was sad when you said you were taking a break from blogging….missed you – glad you’re back!!

  5. So are you engaged? Anthony asked me to marry him in passing like that and two weeks later he was like so are you gonna marry me or what??? Grant it, I imagine Tar Heel will be much more creative.
    PS. Daph is gonna trip when you do get married.

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