One big thing

Wedding madness has taken over, as you can tell by my lack of posting!  Not to mention that my research project for my master’s is finaaaallly taking off, and throw in taking A&PII, plus my Thirty-One business into the mix and let’s just say things are gettin’ a little crazy around here.  BUT, such is my life for the last 6+ years… and I can’t really imagine it being any different!

Big Thing : Everyone, we have our coordinators!!!!!  YAY! Big Big Big Yay!  Because contracting with wedding coordinators means a LOT less stress for me which means a LOT more smiling.  And honestly, who likes a non-smiley bride? No body.  Meet our wedding coordinators extraordinaire,

Hannah and Jessica of A Shindig Southern Event Planning!

I kind of knew I would love them instantly when we wore matching Jack Roger’s sandals at our first meeting and they immediately (like, IMMEDIATELY) knew the vision I had in my head when I said I wanted “twinkle lights” for the reception.  How awesome is that? Plus they are adorable and I envy them for all their creative genius and wedding planning expertise.  I am so excited to work with both of these ladies who have been awesome from Day 1, so believe me when I say that I have no worries about my wedding day being anything less than fabulous with these two on board! 

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