Wedding update/mini-freakout of joy!

Well, I just got a wonderful little email and I simply HAD to share with you all that it is finally officially official – we booked the chapel and so our wedding will take place on March 19, 2011 at Kenan Chapel in Landfall in Wilmington, NC!


I am marrying my best friend and way better half in this gorgeous and perfectly quaint chapel (amazing photography by my all time faves Millie Holloman Photography). 

Uhm, I am EXCITED to say the least!!!!!!

Ok, mini-freakout out of joy complete.  :)

3 thoughts on “Wedding update/mini-freakout of joy!”

  1. Yayyyyy!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!
    And I just wanted to say thanks for all you did helping with the shower yesterday!! I know you did alot other than just making the cupcake picks – I’m sure with Kay out of town, you did stuff for her as well and I really appreciate it!! You’re a “Keeper”!! :)

  2. It was all really my pleasure. I had so much fun making all the little cupcake picks!! I love you and Jerri-Rae (and little Wilder!) so I am happy to help! Thank you for your sweet comment and I hope I get to spend some time with you this weekend at the beach!

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