Weekend wrap-up

**Thanks to everyone that voted for Luke’s video.  I think our voting efforts helped! I will keep you guys updated when the results are released!**

I had a wonderful weekend spent with sweet friends, good food, and fantastic worship.  The Tar Heel left Thursday evening for the beach to begin his first fishing weekend in several weeks.  I was so excited for him.  Originally I planned to leave after work Friday to join him, but made last minute plans to visit Caroline in Charlotte instead. 

Charlotte is such a fun city, and we spent the day catching up, enjoying Yofuria (my first self-serve fro-yo experience and I was in LOVE), playing with Sadie (seen above! the only picture I managed to take all weekend… haha), more eating at Newk’s, and a visit to Elevation Church for the Saturday evening service.  Can I just go on a little tangent for a minute? Great.  Elevation Church is one of the most amazing churches I have ever been to.  Every single time I go I feel as though the service was intended just for me and recent events in my life.  That is obviously not  the case, but it is still so awesome. Elevation is doing amazing things for the city of Charlotte, and it is incredible to find a church that large whose absolute heart and passion is community outreach.  I can’t really explain it in just one blog post.  If you are ever near the area (ie, within an hour’s driving distance) I cannot urge you enough to attend a service.  Go, go, go to Elevation!  

So, end tangent.   After leaving Charlotte, I made the hefty little drive back east to the Tar Heel’s family’s beach house.  We got up early the next morning to head to Port City Community Church.  Since this was the Tar Heel’s first weekend not working, we were able to attend the service together.  Since we started dating, this was only the third church service we’ve attended together (ie, sitting beside each other) and that was so awesome.  I admire all the spouses of pastors and other church staff members who aren’t able to worship together (technically), sitting in the same service, beside each other.  I know that’s not what it is really all about, but it was wonderful to be able to do that Sunday together.  After church, we met up with Amster and Matthew who just happened to be on vacation in Wrightsville Beach!!! This was the first time we have seen each other since their wedding in May, so I was THRILLED to find out we were able to have lunch.  It was absolutely amazing catching up and we had a greaaaat time.  I am so blessed to have friends like Amy!! 

Finally, we checked out Elijah’s and The Pilot House for potential reception sites and we are allllmost positive Elijah’s will be the winner!! We are super excited and thrilled to almost officially have our reception site booked, but we have a few contractual things to work out until it is “official-official”. YAY!!  Our wedding is really happening! :)  More to come on all of that soon… :)

3 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. MWAH! I loooove it! I can’t wait to see you again very, very soon! Boys included next time too :-)

  2. So glad that the church services went wonderful. Honey you are exactly right how awsome it is to sit beside the man you love and worship together. I know it sounds small to some but it is such a great experience when you like you said don’t get to always sit beside of them in the service. (almost every weekend for me with Will on the road) When we do get to sit beside eachother in church it just makes it so special. (The simple pleasures in life). Sitting there knowing that God made this person JUST FOR YOU makes it amazing!! Amy told me that you all got to eat together!! That was great. I know you all enjoyed that time together. BTW I love Ellijah’s…. great choice for reception. Great atmosphere and food! Love you

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