My wisdom teeth…”situation.” Labeled and color coded just for you.

Things are about to get real crazy in the life of the Stately Lady.  This weekend I have to finish writing my personal statement for an application I’m submitting June 15 (that’s next Tuesday…) and then start/finish working on a 10-page paper draft for my seminar class due on the following Monday.  Normally I wouldn’t really put  that much effort into something due a week away, at least I certainly wouldn’t finish it a week early.  But I am being left with no choice because yesterday I found out I’m having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted on the Friday before it is due. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I.Am.Terrified!

First of all, I don’t have any major dental issues and I’m not scared of the fact that it is a dental procedure.  Maybe I should be, given  that my wisdom teeth situation is a little uhm, odd. For starters, my facial nerve (CNVII) is hanging out right on top (or behind, they don’t know yet)  of my wisdom teeth. So, what happens if they damage this nerve? Potential permanent loss of feeling in my lip, chin and some taste.  WHAT?!  But I am actually more afraid of being put to sleep for the first time, and not knowing how my body will react to the anesthesia.  I know these people do this every day.  I knowthey are trained and well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.  I am just concerned I will be one of the unlucky few who really don’t handle it well.  I was so concerned at my consultation with the DDS (who is also a MD and PA…yes I am a credentials snob and therefore feel a little better) that he went ahead and wrote me a rx for Valium to take the night before/morning of. Great. I am that girl.  And to add to my worries, I’ve never taken any anti-anxiety meds either so what if I have a bad reaction to the Valium?!  Oh, this is going to be bad. Isn’t this crazy irony that I love all things related to medications/the medical field, yet not when any of it applies to ME? Not fair.

The cherry on  top of my already horrible situation is really the excessive amount of money I’m about to drop on this surgery.  UGH. Boo. Hiss. No fun.

Fortunately the Tar Heel is taking me for the extraction and my mom will be there as well.  And they will send me home with Goodberry’s.  So it isn’t all terrible, really. And maybe I’ll get some great stories out of the crazy things I say?? Oh well.  Here’s to looking for the upside!

6 thoughts on “Yall.”

  1. Bless your heart…having your wisdom teeth out is NO fun but I’m sure you’ll do fine. Jerri-Rae was a little sick on her stomach when she first left the dentist office and she slept most of that day with ice packs on her face…:)
    I think the worst thing for her was being hungry and only eating jello and pudding and soft food…but hungry for steak and solid food. Tell The TarHeel to be sure and video you when you first wake up – you’ll say the darnest things and we’ll all get a good laugh from it!! Good luck and keep us posted!! Hope you have a good wkend and get all your “writing” done!!

  2. Thank you!! It makes me feel good to know that Jerri-Rae got along pretty well.. I am definitely not looking forward to no solid foods either.. but maybe I will lose a couple lbs. Haha! Pray for me next Friday around 11AM!!

  3. Bless your heart…I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out several years ago and it was horrible…what I remember about it…which I don’t handle pain too well (specially mouth pain) and I didn’t do too good with the anesthesia…made me sick for a day or two…could only eat jello…maybe the Tarheel will feed you some sherbert!!! :0) “oh dear god”
    Be sure he films you too…next time we are all down at the beach, we can watch it!!! too funny!!! :0)
    Keep us posted on how it goes…and good luck with all your writing…

  4. I also had mine out (all 4) – not too bad. The thing the oral surgeon did not tell me was to change out the gauze frequently – because I didn’t I (sorry… gross alert) swallowed a lot of blood & that made me sick! Ask them if they can also give you something for nausea BEFORE the procedure & to send you home with something just in case it happens afterwards too. Just a simple Scopolamine patch behind the ear is enough to make your postop nausea/vomiting soooo much better. Speaking from experience ;) You will do fine!! I did ask – when I had mine done – “Um, please show me your crash cart… and are you credentialed to give Advanced Cardiac Life Support?” HAHA!

  5. you’ll do fine Regina!! I had all 4 of mine out several years ago and was terrified (I don’t do well AT ALL with dental anything). They gave me valium too, and I took it one night for a “practice run” to see how I would react to it. It was fine, it just made me super chill. All the same I can understand you being nervous about the whole thing. I’ll be thinking about you!

  6. Hugs to you ahead of time. I highly recommend the valium ahead of time. I’m gonna enjoy one of those anytime from now on when having to go through a root canal. You’ll be fine. I agree with Tara…..change out the guaze often- because it it super gross! I think a new pair of shoes will make everything better!

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