Two years ago today the Tar Heel got down on one knee and said the most beautiful words I have ever heard spoken before, “Will you marry me?” and at some point between tears and shock I managed to say yes.  Aside from our wedding day, that is 100% the best day I have ever experienced in my life.  Complete and perfect happiness.  We got engaged in my favorite city, at my favorite place in the world, and have beautiful pictures and memories to carry forever.  From the drive down to Charleston when Dustin kept trying to throw me off by saying things like “I can’t even imagine asking your dad to let me marry you…” (which drove me crazy!) to calling our family and friends to tell them we were getting married, it was one of those rare and beautiful PERFECT DAYS!  I can’t imagine it happening any differently.

Fast forward to today and the Tar Heel has yet again outdone himself.  I once again got to experience that crazy kind of happiness that occurs only once in a while, complete with butterflies and crazy giggle laughs when I got to open this beautiful little gem that the Tar Heel ordered for me — my first stethoscope!!  A Littmann Cardiology III, with RED tubing – and be honest, did you really expect anything else from the Stately Lady?

That man really knows me through and through.  I look forward to many more days of complete and perfect happiness together!! Love you sweet Tar Heel Husby and thank you for picking me!!!! :)

It's Here It's Here It's Here!!


Littmann Cardiology III - RED, naturally.
Seeing my husby's last name reminds me why I chase my dreams with reckless abandon. He makes me believe I can actually reach them!

Here we go…

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